Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Francesca started Tae Kwon Do 3 weeks ago after school, at school. The first class she ended up with a bloody nose - not due to injury or anything - so she sat out for most of it. Francesca gets bloody noses at the drop of a hat, we never know when she is going to look at us with a face full of blood. Last week there was no school because of Winter break. So...yesterday, it was back to Tae Kwon Do. And Hi-Ya!!! Well, I don't think they actually say Hi-Ya! But I know they do bow (readers of this blog know that bowing is something Gavin would NEVER do). Scott and I asked her to show off what she has learned so far. So she walks up to her daddy and proceeds to back-kick him in the shins and then chop him in the arm. Repeatedly. Poor Scott. I was just happy that she actually participated.

Scott also found out that Francesca has a boyfriend, a cell phone and a trip to Hawaii planned. Yes, her friend told Scott at after-school pick-up that Francesca has a boyfriend (couldn't name names though) and she calls him on her cell phone. Oh yes, and they are going swimming during their trip to Hawaii. We are so in trouble in about 10 years...We asked her who her boyfriend was but she just giggled and ran away. She did confirm, however, that it is NOT any of the Jonas Brothers - Mr. Jonas, Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas, as they are affectionately known around the LaDore household.

On to Gavin - he told me this morning in the car that I was not to walk him into his classroom this morning.

"Please drop me off and don't come in my class. I am going to walk in front of you. Don't walk next to me. I will drop my lunch and coat off. You sign me in, kiss me and leave!"

Yes sir Gavin! Oh I wanted to cry. My baby is already pushing me away. I did not laugh this morning on the way to work.

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