Monday, February 18, 2008

The kids are leaving home tomorrow...

It's winter break time and Francesca has a whole week off from school! My parents decided to take her and Gavin (who can miss nursery school) to Mystic, CT for 2 nights of aquariums, swimming in the pool and Chucky Cheese!!! Yippee! For them and us! They get 2 nights with their grandparents, "Ma and Pa"; and we get 2 nights of adult conversations during dinner, uninterrupted sleep and not having to watch Power Rangers or Hannah Montana.

The kids and I packed their mini-suitcases this afternoon. Gavin wanted to pack all 3 pairs of slippers that he owns, "just in case one gets dirty". Francesca was only concerned about packing her bikini.

Of course we will miss them, we always do when they go away. After the first night we say it's too quiet. When they come back, screaming and screeching, we ask what happened to the silence. Oh well. My little travelers are off again. No funny stuff for the next 2 days, unless reported by my mom.

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