Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tales from the Road

So I've spoken to my parents and the kids today. They had a great time in Mystic yesterday; they went swimming twice, had lunch at Chucky Cheese and dinner at the Ground Round. My mom reported that they spent 3 hours in Chucky Cheese and after all that time, all they had to show for their time spent there was some tattoos for Francesca and Tootsie Rolls for Gavin. Tootsie Rolls are now Gav's new favorite dessert. Great, the dentist will be our new best friend from now on...Francesca had a great observation upon walking into the hotel yesterday and seeing the shiny clean tile floor "WOW, these people must be rich! Look at their floor!" She wouldn't know what a shiny clean floor was, I don't know if she's ever seen one in our house.

Today my travelers went to the Mystic Aquarium and then Ma and Pa got them in the car and took them for a ride. The kids fell asleep, and when they woke up they were in Rhode Island. Newport, Rhode Island. Which is only about 30 minutes from Mystic. Boy they are lucky. The last time I was in Newport I was not yet someone's mother, which means it had to be at least 5+ years ago. Knowing my parents, my kids are not bar-hopping down Thames Street or hob-nobbing in the exclusive Viking Hotel, but nibbling on chicken fingers and corn dogs at another Ground Round or maybe Applebee's. Geez, my poor dad probably has not been able to have a scotch with dinner in 2 nights. He must be freaking out, albeit silently.

Tomorrow I will come home and find my Checka and Big Guy home on Wesley Avenue. I miss them, although tonight I came home to a lovely dinner, an open bottle of wine and a roaring fire. That was lovely, and probably will not happen again for at least another 6 months or so. Oh well..

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