Thursday, July 31, 2008

Further proof that I am getting old...

Tonight we went to Carvel to get some ice cream to beat the heat. Francesca was shimmying around the ice cream store, eating her chocolate ice cream and bopping to the beat of the music playing. Later when we got home I caught her humming the hit song "I Kissed a Girl". Oh my, I am so not ready for her to grow up. Then, I went into her closet to look for her party shoes which she needs on Sunday for her role as a flower girl in my friend's wedding. There at the bottom of her closet (along with many other things) was one of my COSMO MAGAZINES!!!!! WHAT???!!!!! It's a good thing she can't read too well just yet. I don't even want her looking at some of the pictures in Cosmo! Oh my. Scott was sufficiently horrified as well, although he did think it was a teeny bit funny.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The (mis)adventures of camp

So there are some new faces at Gavin's school/camp. A few girls, which of course pleases Gav to no end. But a few boys too. One in particular. I won't name names (to protect the guilty party). He is about two times the size of Gavin, and at least 1 year younger. I admit Gavin is on the teeny tiny size but this kid is HUGE. According to Gavin, this kid has a pushing and biting and shoving problem. It seems he has a problem with everything...well except eating, he has NO PROBLEM doing that. The other day Gav could not wait to tell me what this kid (we'll call him CHUNK) did.

"Mommy!! You are not going to believe what happened! CHUNK thought Ethan's nose was something to EAT! So he reached out and bit it!! It was so red. He thought it was a snack! But it wasn't! It was his nose! He got a time out and he was bad."

Oh boy. I told Gav to stay away, CHUNK might think Gav's arms would be tasty to snack on. Every day, Gav can't wait to get in the car and tell me what happened with CHUNK today. Those poor nuns. They have at least 2 more years of him. Gavin has 3 more days, 3 too many if you ask him. Gavin has even taken to hiding his snack because he said CHUNK liked what his lunchbox looked like and wanted to know what was in it. Oh boy. Those nuns must be doing alot of praying these days...

Monday, July 28, 2008

The little things in life

Today I was off. I was super busy, running all kinds of errands by myself. One plus was that I picked both kids up a little early from camp. They were both surprised and happy. When we got home Francesca decided to watch Hannah Montana (again) and sing along with her microphone. Gavin was redoing his train table tracks yet again. I was flipping through a cookbook I picked up from the library. All of a sudden Gavin's ears perked up like the cat's when she hears a bird.

"Mommy!!!!!!!!!! I hear the ice cream man!!!!!!!!!!! Quick!!!! Money!!!!! Mommy!!!!!!"

Gavin goes tearing down the stairs and flies past his sister who also heard the ringing of the ice cream truck. Even I was excited - it was Jim, the guy with the soft serve! Francesca got a small chocolate soft serve with rainbow sprinkles. Gavin got a muti-colored Popsicle. Gavin said that ice cream is one of his favorite things about summer.

On another note, my sister-in-law Joelle emailed me that she was very happy that I blogged today. I am glad that I could make you happy Joelle!!!

I am a bad blogger

I have not blogged in over a week! Yikes! My sister-in-law Joelle reminded me a few nights ago that I have been "slipping" in my blogging duties. Joelle, I apologize that I have not given you any good stories about your niece and nephew lately.

A little about our weekend...

Friday night we met some friends (and ran into Joelle and family, who reminded me of my blogging responsibilites) at the Oakland Beach to watch the fireworks. The kids had fun running around, playing in the sand, snacking...until Francesca saw (and wanted) ice cream - at 9:30 at night - and all bets were off on good behavior. We said that awful, awful word to her - NO - and she started with one of her famous flip-outs. It's a good thing that the fireworks were over and we were leaving anyway. She pouted the whole way home. Oh well.

Gavin, on the other hand, was being all sweetness and light for some reason. He drew me a picture and then handed me a quarter - "It's for you mommy, for being the best mommy in the world" Oh my word, can he lay it on thick...No wonder he has so many girlfriends at camp. He is Don Juan de Big Guy (get the Johnny Depp movie Don Juan de Marco)...anyway. My heart melted and he beamed. He probably figures that the next time he does something bad I will remember that and forgive him.

Saturday night we had our friend Roland ("Uncle Rol" to the kids) over for dinner. Having Roland over is like having a much taller, much older and way more hairier version of Gavin at the house. Gavin LOVES Roland. He could not wait for him to get there. The kids were playing on their Slip & Slide and when he got there, they took turns getting tossed down the slide by Roland. A good time was had by all!

Sunday we got some errands done and then cleaned the basement. Ugh. Yuck. It is not totally done but it was a good start. The kids now have a place for all of their arts & crafts stuff. Francesca decorated the cork board that Scott hung up with her and Gavin's artwork. Then we went to my parents' house for dinner. Gavin spent most of the evening there pouting in the garage, after knocking over his plate onto the floor. Scott brought him into the garage "to have a talk with him" and then when it was time to come in Gav refused. So there he stayed. He is one stubborn child. I hate to say this, but my son would be one good P.O.W. (God forbid) - when his is mad he refuses to look at you, stands looking at the wall with his head down and arms crossed, and when is spoken to, grunts in return. No enemy would get info. out of him. He eventually came back in when he heard dessert was being served.

So it's now Monday, everyone is at camp and I am off because I am working the long shifts the rest of the week at work. I have a long to-do list, but I think I can get most of it done. Time to fold laundry. Check back later this week for more LaDore adventures!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Francesca's New Word

Why oh why are my children SO OBSESSED with genitalia??? It's not like I am an OB/GYN or a porn star. They do not have examples of genitalia thrown in their faces every minute of the day. Scott and I don't have nude statues or anything of that nature in the house. So why, why must my children get SO EXCITED over these things????

Tonight (and last night too) we took the kids to Rye Beach to beat the heat. How fun it was to come home from work, quickly eat dinner, throw on our suits and head to the beach 10 minutes away. We don't even have to pay to get on the beach after 6 (but we did have to pay to park - small price to pay for such fun). Anyway, tonight we were all in the water splashing around. Our little guppie, Francesca, was swimming around under water, with her eyes open by the way. Next thing you know, I hear Scott yelp and Francesca giggle.

"Ha ha ha Daddy. I got you. I grabbed you in the PENIS!!!!"

Oh my God. First of all Francesca, you are too old to do that and think it is funny. Second of all you grabbed Daddy's thigh. She was easily confused - there is alot of Daddy to grab (Scott I love you I know you are reading this and cursing me...). Next we have to explain that PENIS is not a word that she should be using, although readers you do know my fondness for medical correctness - see last week's "where do babies come from" post for further explanation. Where did she learn such a word? From a friend in Kindergarten; she just chose to save that little gem until the right moment!

So fast forward to home. I was giving Francesca a shower when she (correctly) said:

"Mommy! Daddy has a PENIS. Big Guy has a PENIS. You, Mommy, DO NOT have a PENIS."

Yes Francesca, thank you for pointing that out. I can now sleep easily tonight knowing that everyone in my family has the correct genitalia. I can see it now; my daughter is going to be the one in middle school who explains the birds and the bees to all the other kids. Although...the way we are going, it may be the 4th grade...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Boyfriends, girlfriends and faces being licked

Francesca told her father a few nights ago that a boy at camp "likes her", or at least that is what SHE was told by someone else. This made Scott go even more gray than he already is, and if you know Scott, you know he is gray enough already for not-yet-35. Upon further questioning, Little Miss Blond Hair Blue Eyes mentioned that the purported Romeo is older, perhaps in 3rd grade, and she is not sure of his name. But she will find out. Great. Stay tuned.

Gavin, on the other hand, is ALWAYS looking to expand his harem of "girlfriends". He realizes that once camp is done, he may never see his 3 sets of twins, plus the new "extra one" ever again. No wait, one of the sets of twins has an older sister who is a friend of Francesca's from nursery school. We will continue to see them from time to time. I have to tell him that; he will be relieved. Anyway...Gavin has had his eye on one particular girl from T-Ball and kindergarten registration. He was very excited to see her, of all places, in church last night. They both had to stop and wave and make google eyes at each other at the end of Mass (at least Gavin was googling at her, not sure if she was returning the gesture). He was soooo excited to find out that her family goes to the same church as ours, and immediately informed me that he wants to go to that Mass (Saturday @ 5:30) instead of our usual one, Sunday @ 8. That particular Mass is populated with old ladies, not cute 5 year olds. That made his night, he was smiley from that point on!

This afternoon I was running to meet a friend who is planning her wedding. As I was leaving, I gave the kids, and then Scott, kisses. Gavin was sitting next to Scott and watched intently as I kissed my beloved. Then he turned to us and said:

" and Daddy just licked each other. THAT IS DISGUSTING!"

I tried to explain that I was just giving Daddy a kiss (a quick and relatively chaste one at that) but Gavin would have none of it. He just wrinkled his nose and turned away shaking his head. Good. I hope he feels the same way at 16. Doubt it. Suddenly Mr. Where-do-babies-come from has turned into a little angel. Humpf!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

You must HATE ME!!!!

You would think that my daughter is 16, not 6. On July 4th, she was pouting over something, probably because I said NO to her. So she looks at me and says

"YOU, DADDY and MA are being mean to me. You must HATE ME..."

Umm, no Francesca, we love you very much. I said no because whatever it was she wanted to do, it was not the right time to be doing that. I don't even remember what IT was. We eventually got through that crisis and fast-forward to today. F came upstairs to ask me if she could go on the computer. I said no because she had already had 2 10-minute turns on the computer. Of course she did not like what she was hearing, hence this is what I heard...

"Again, Mommy, you must hate me! Hmphhh!"

And she stormed away only to come back 5 minutes later, this time asking somewhat sweetly. The answer was still the same - no.

"Once again Mommy, you said no. And I still think you must hate me! Goodbye! I am asking Daddy!"

This game of hers was getting real old. Real old. I don't think I pulled this crap until I was in middle school at least. I don't know - Mommy if you are reading this please figure out how to leave a comment and tell my readers what an angel I was. And don't lie and say I was a bad child. You know I was not. Anyway...Francesca and Gavin were playing in the sandbox this afternoon and she was complaining (again) that he had too much of the sandbox. I decided to make it fair and draw a line down the middle. She said I gave him just a little bit more space, and, you guessed it, accused me of "hating her" and giving Big Guy too much sand. I cannot even believe this child sometimes, I am not sure where she gets it from.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Francesca is enlightened...

Overheard while driving to the grocery store:

GAVIN: Checka, I fooled Mommy. Buggy is a girl. And she is having a baby! This right here (points to small seam at the back of stuffed animal) is her heiney, and this (points to spot above it) is her cookie. That is where the baby comes out of. Listen, if I squeeze her the baby giggles (makes squeaky giggly noise).

FRANCESCA: What, Big Guy? What do you mean her cookie? MOMMY IS THIS TRUE???? You told me that me and Big Guy came out of your stomach, that the doctor cut you open and took me out. Big Guy too. Who is coming out of the cookie? Babies??

GAVIN: No Checka it's true, Mommy told me. Tell her Mommy.

At this point I have put my head down on the steering wheel and started to hyperventilate. I explain to Francesca that yes, babies can come out "that way" and also try to make it perfectly clear that this IS NOT something we discuss at school or camp, because everyone else's mommy and daddy should have the pleasure of explaining it to them themselves.


Just wanted to say thanks to whomever is reading this blog! I just made it to 1000 hits today, so someone out there is reading...Please readers, leave me a comment every now and again, so I have some proof that someone is reading this blog other than my husband, my mom, my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law (who lets me know when it's been too long in between posts). Hope you are enjoying the adventures of Francesca and Gavin, there's alot more to come!

The Birds and the Bees...AGAIN!!!!

Why, oh why, does Gavin always ask ME these questions???? And always on the way to his Catholic nursery school/camp, where he should not be discussing such topics??? He brought his stuffed bug "Buggy" in the car this morning and asked me when Buggy was going to have babies. I told him never, as Buggy is a stuffed animal and therefore does not reproduce...well I didn't use that particular word...So then he asks me how old he has to be to have babies. I told him much much older, and by the way, you will not be having the babies. That will be your wife's job, someday in the future.

"Why can't I have the babies? "

Once again, Gav, you don't have the right parts. God made the boys to have one set of parts and the girls to have another.

"So where does the baby come out once it is ready? Your heiney?"

Oh my God I am saying to myself, I AM NOT HAVING THIS CONVERSATION RIGHT NOW. NOT NOW, NOT ANYTIME SOON. Ummm...well Gav, the baby comes out of the "cookie" (which has been our family slang for the va-jay-jay ever since Francesca was a baby - why I don't know, don't ask!).

"Wow Mommy, how does that happen? Are the cookies that BIG?????"

I can't I can't I can't discuss this with my 4 1/2 year old. To divert his attention I suddenly announced it was donut time and hurredly pulled into Donut Delight in Stamford. I am so going prematurely gray right now....