Thursday, July 31, 2008

Further proof that I am getting old...

Tonight we went to Carvel to get some ice cream to beat the heat. Francesca was shimmying around the ice cream store, eating her chocolate ice cream and bopping to the beat of the music playing. Later when we got home I caught her humming the hit song "I Kissed a Girl". Oh my, I am so not ready for her to grow up. Then, I went into her closet to look for her party shoes which she needs on Sunday for her role as a flower girl in my friend's wedding. There at the bottom of her closet (along with many other things) was one of my COSMO MAGAZINES!!!!! WHAT???!!!!! It's a good thing she can't read too well just yet. I don't even want her looking at some of the pictures in Cosmo! Oh my. Scott was sufficiently horrified as well, although he did think it was a teeny bit funny.

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