Thursday, July 17, 2008

Francesca's New Word

Why oh why are my children SO OBSESSED with genitalia??? It's not like I am an OB/GYN or a porn star. They do not have examples of genitalia thrown in their faces every minute of the day. Scott and I don't have nude statues or anything of that nature in the house. So why, why must my children get SO EXCITED over these things????

Tonight (and last night too) we took the kids to Rye Beach to beat the heat. How fun it was to come home from work, quickly eat dinner, throw on our suits and head to the beach 10 minutes away. We don't even have to pay to get on the beach after 6 (but we did have to pay to park - small price to pay for such fun). Anyway, tonight we were all in the water splashing around. Our little guppie, Francesca, was swimming around under water, with her eyes open by the way. Next thing you know, I hear Scott yelp and Francesca giggle.

"Ha ha ha Daddy. I got you. I grabbed you in the PENIS!!!!"

Oh my God. First of all Francesca, you are too old to do that and think it is funny. Second of all you grabbed Daddy's thigh. She was easily confused - there is alot of Daddy to grab (Scott I love you I know you are reading this and cursing me...). Next we have to explain that PENIS is not a word that she should be using, although readers you do know my fondness for medical correctness - see last week's "where do babies come from" post for further explanation. Where did she learn such a word? From a friend in Kindergarten; she just chose to save that little gem until the right moment!

So fast forward to home. I was giving Francesca a shower when she (correctly) said:

"Mommy! Daddy has a PENIS. Big Guy has a PENIS. You, Mommy, DO NOT have a PENIS."

Yes Francesca, thank you for pointing that out. I can now sleep easily tonight knowing that everyone in my family has the correct genitalia. I can see it now; my daughter is going to be the one in middle school who explains the birds and the bees to all the other kids. Although...the way we are going, it may be the 4th grade...

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