Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What's New...

Not too much, actually, which could account for my lack of blogging. I will say, however, that the LaDore children seem to be taking some pretty hard stands on the political future of our country. Let me just say that both Scott and I are INDEPENDENTS, which mean that we don't force the political views of either party down our children's throats. We really don't talk politics in front of them, because they have a tendency to repeat what they have heard, usually at the worst possible time.

Gavin seems to be anti-Obama. He's 5, so I am not sure how he can be anti-anything, except, nail-clipping, tooth-brushing and showers. At any rate, all one has to do is mention President-Elect Obama and Gavin launces into his "BOOrack Obama" in..."Boo-rack, Boo-rack". We have explained to him that President-elect "Boo-rack" will be leading our country for the next 4 years and that he should not mock his name, but Gav doesn't care.

Francesca is very interested in the idea of a President, and how one becomes elected. Last night she told me that she knew that 2 people with the name "Clinton" were trying to be President. She asked me if they were perhaps brother and sister, or maybe cousins? No I said, Bill Clinton was our President at one time, and his WIFE Hillary had attempted to run, but she was beat by the aforementioned "Boo-rack Obama" in the primary. Ohhhhh she it.

A few nights ago, Scott was reading Francesca a book she took out from the library, called "So You Want to be the President". It had interesting facts about all the Presidents and she was enjoying it. I was brushing Gav's teeth when all of a sudden I heard Scott say "WHAT? WHERE DID YOU HEAR THAT? REPEAT IT FOR MOMMY!" Oops I thought, what did she hear??

Francesca: "Did you know that George W. Bush took money from the poor people? Did he really do that?"

Scott: "Francesca where did you hear that? I hope you did not hear that at school...wait a minute, Dineen, when was the last time my mom babysat??????"

Grammy Carol, I know you are reading this, and we love you, but NO MORE POLITICAL COMMENTARY TO THE CHILDREN. Scott then explained that no President is perfect and the beauty of being an American is having opinions...Democracy at work right on Wesley Avenue!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What's New

Yeah yeah I haven't blogged in a week or so. Soooo busy. I have to blog about the Vermont trip and Halloween. But tonight I am glued to the TV watching the election returns. But I have 2 quickies for you all.

Gavin apparently thinks Barack Obama is Italian, as he keeps referring to him as "Rocco Bomma". As in "Mommy, did you vote for John McCain or Rocco Bomma today?". My kids are too cute. They went to vote with Scott. He said that Francesca was yelling "WHO DID YOU PULL THE LEVER FOR? MCCAIN OR OBAMA??? TELL ME DADDY!"

Last weekend I was in CVS with Francesca, picking up this and that. We were in the feminine hygiene aisle, picking up some necessary items. Francesca was intrigued. Hmmmm, I could see the wheels turning in her head as she picked up a box and turned it every which way trying to figure out what one would do with such things.

Francesca: "Mommy, what do you DO with these things? Where do they go? How do you use them?"

Me: "Ummmm...Ummmm...well...ladies use them."

Francesca: "What for?"

Me: "Well Francesca. They keep ladies fresh."

Francesca: "YOU MEAN YOU CAN GO BAD????"

Oh my God I almost fell down laughing in aisle #12. It was such an innocent statement. I have explained many things to my kids (remember the 'how are babies born?' post?) but I could not could not even begin to explain THAT to her. As it is I only have about 5 more years before I have to explain it all in depth. She really made me smile that day.