Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Francesca started Tae Kwon Do 3 weeks ago after school, at school. The first class she ended up with a bloody nose - not due to injury or anything - so she sat out for most of it. Francesca gets bloody noses at the drop of a hat, we never know when she is going to look at us with a face full of blood. Last week there was no school because of Winter break. So...yesterday, it was back to Tae Kwon Do. And Hi-Ya!!! Well, I don't think they actually say Hi-Ya! But I know they do bow (readers of this blog know that bowing is something Gavin would NEVER do). Scott and I asked her to show off what she has learned so far. So she walks up to her daddy and proceeds to back-kick him in the shins and then chop him in the arm. Repeatedly. Poor Scott. I was just happy that she actually participated.

Scott also found out that Francesca has a boyfriend, a cell phone and a trip to Hawaii planned. Yes, her friend told Scott at after-school pick-up that Francesca has a boyfriend (couldn't name names though) and she calls him on her cell phone. Oh yes, and they are going swimming during their trip to Hawaii. We are so in trouble in about 10 years...We asked her who her boyfriend was but she just giggled and ran away. She did confirm, however, that it is NOT any of the Jonas Brothers - Mr. Jonas, Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas, as they are affectionately known around the LaDore household.

On to Gavin - he told me this morning in the car that I was not to walk him into his classroom this morning.

"Please drop me off and don't come in my class. I am going to walk in front of you. Don't walk next to me. I will drop my lunch and coat off. You sign me in, kiss me and leave!"

Yes sir Gavin! Oh I wanted to cry. My baby is already pushing me away. I did not laugh this morning on the way to work.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mr. Clean

So Gavin has been doing dishes all day. I can't put a glass down without him grabbing it and trying to wash it. Half of the time I haven't even finished what is in the glass! The kids went outside this afternoon and built a snowman with Scott. After they came inside, I made them take showers/baths to warm up (and to save me and Scott some time this evening). Francesca hops in and out of the shower, complaining the whole time. Gavin decides to take a bath and in the process, washes the tub for me. I JUST LOVE THIS KID!!! And not only because he's mine!! I can't wait to see my water bill next month, with all of this washing that he has been doing...

Little Suzy Homemaker...

Actually, it's Little Gavin Homemaker. Yesterday he told me that he wanted to wash the dishes. WHAT??? I had just done the few dishes from lunch and thought the sink was empty. Apparently Francesca had a glass or two in the living room that she dumped at that moment in my empty, clean sink. So Gav said he wanted to wash them. OK buddy, step right up! Actually, drag that chair right up. So wash he did. I was so shocked I called Scott in to see what Gav was doing.

Fast forward to Sunday morning, as I sit here blogging. Gavin grabbed my empty water glass and washed it. Then, Scott calls me up from the basement but tells me to shhh and not say anything. There is Gavin, perched on a chair, scrubbing my sink!!! YES!!!! I told him that the bathroom needs to be cleaned, if he had nothing better to do...."OK, I'll do it!" Scott had to break it to him that Mommy was joking. I told him that he could come downstairs and play on the computer, but no, he was sitting in front of the sink, waiting for a dirty glass or dish to wash. What aliens have invaded my child's body and where have they taken the real Gavin??? I can hear Gav yelling at his dad that he does not want to get down, he wants to wash!!! Maybe he'd like to dust as well?? Boy this could turn out to be a real productive day if this keeps up!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Snowy snowy snowy

So Scott came home and away we went, in search of a good hill to sled down. The kids were all bundled up in their snow pants and warm coats, mittens, hats. I stupidly went out in sweatpants, yeah, like that would keep me real warm. We drove to Crawford Park in search of a hill. Crawford Park is where I wrecked my sled careening off a giant hill in the 7th grade. We avoided that hill today, although there were a ton of kids there, waiting in A LINE to fly down it. We drove on to a less bumpy, but still hilly, part of the park and found a pristine, clean hill. The kids were so excited to get out in the snow and use their flying saucer-like sleds. Scott and I pushed them a few times, making a nice flat track in the snow for them. Then we decided that it needed to be flatter so that they would fly down the hill. So we hopped on the sleds and pushed each other a few times. The things we do for our kids...not that it wasn't fun of course!! After about an hour of snowy faces, snow angels and repeated shouts by Gavin of "I CAN'T WALK UP THIS HILL" we decided it was time to leave. Big Guy (Gavin) was not happy. But we promised that maybe we'd come back to our hill tomorrow for some more fun.

We left Crawford Park tired and damp (no, more like soaked), and hungry. So instead of getting a pizza to go, we went to P&D Pizza (a local favorite pizza place) and hunkered up to the bar. Scott and I hunkered, the kids more or less had to scale the tall bar stools. Scott had a beer, I had a soda, and the kids opted for milk (Gav) and hot chocolate (Francesca). After we were all content with our pizza (regular for them, Sicilian for us) we dried off, enjoyed our pizza and swapped snowy stories with the pizza guys. One pizza guy, Pete, even commented how Francesca reminded him of his 3 daughters when they were younger. She was whining at that exact moment; Pete told us it actually gets worse as they get older. Great. Thanks for ruining what's left of my day Pete...

It was a nice snowy day. I love that we live in the same town that we both grew up in. I remember going to Crawford Park with my Uncle Tommy to go sleigh-riding, and going to P&D with my dad, sitting up on the bar stools myself. I hope that Scott and I can continue to make great memories with our children. No matter how old you are, sledding always makes you feel like a kid!

They're baaaack.....

Francesca and Gavin have returned from their little vaca with Ma and Pa, the house is noisy again. But a good noisy. I came home last night to shouts of "Mommy's home!!!" and big hugs and kisses. They were both exhausted, so after a few DVR'd Power Ranger episodes, teeth brushing and stories, they were in bed. By some stroke of luck they both stayed in their own rooms, in their own beds.

So here I am on this snowy day, typing. Gavin is sitting next to me, asking what a blog is. So I told him it is a story, about him and his sister, that I type on the computer. He keeps hitting the numbers, which I keep erasing. He is telling me that my story needs numbers!

I just asked Gavin to tell me something funny. He showed me a new trick that his grandpa showed him. He holds his hand up, and folds down his index finger at the first knuckle and then says "Mommy, look! I bit my finger off!" and then runs away laughing. This is only funny to me because I remember the several times that Francesca, in her haste to eat french fries, actually did chomp down on her finger, mistaking it for a french fry.

So far I have made hard-boiled eggs, cinnamon muffins and got 2 wiggly kids dressed. I need to do some laundry today too. The roads were too bad to go to work. The kids are hoping that their daddy comes home early from work so that he can take them sledding. We will see. Stay warm readers!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What do you think???

Visit my weekly Poll at the bottom of the blog. Tell me what YOU would do if your kids went away without you!!!

BTW, my husband Scott (the money man) wants me to remind you to please visit our advertisers at the bottom of the page. He made me say that, and after 2 glasses of wine tonight I will do whatever he says!!!! (Special thanks to my friends Susan-Anne and Gary for the lovely wine...)

Tales from the Road

So I've spoken to my parents and the kids today. They had a great time in Mystic yesterday; they went swimming twice, had lunch at Chucky Cheese and dinner at the Ground Round. My mom reported that they spent 3 hours in Chucky Cheese and after all that time, all they had to show for their time spent there was some tattoos for Francesca and Tootsie Rolls for Gavin. Tootsie Rolls are now Gav's new favorite dessert. Great, the dentist will be our new best friend from now on...Francesca had a great observation upon walking into the hotel yesterday and seeing the shiny clean tile floor "WOW, these people must be rich! Look at their floor!" She wouldn't know what a shiny clean floor was, I don't know if she's ever seen one in our house.

Today my travelers went to the Mystic Aquarium and then Ma and Pa got them in the car and took them for a ride. The kids fell asleep, and when they woke up they were in Rhode Island. Newport, Rhode Island. Which is only about 30 minutes from Mystic. Boy they are lucky. The last time I was in Newport I was not yet someone's mother, which means it had to be at least 5+ years ago. Knowing my parents, my kids are not bar-hopping down Thames Street or hob-nobbing in the exclusive Viking Hotel, but nibbling on chicken fingers and corn dogs at another Ground Round or maybe Applebee's. Geez, my poor dad probably has not been able to have a scotch with dinner in 2 nights. He must be freaking out, albeit silently.

Tomorrow I will come home and find my Checka and Big Guy home on Wesley Avenue. I miss them, although tonight I came home to a lovely dinner, an open bottle of wine and a roaring fire. That was lovely, and probably will not happen again for at least another 6 months or so. Oh well..

Monday, February 18, 2008

The kids are leaving home tomorrow...

It's winter break time and Francesca has a whole week off from school! My parents decided to take her and Gavin (who can miss nursery school) to Mystic, CT for 2 nights of aquariums, swimming in the pool and Chucky Cheese!!! Yippee! For them and us! They get 2 nights with their grandparents, "Ma and Pa"; and we get 2 nights of adult conversations during dinner, uninterrupted sleep and not having to watch Power Rangers or Hannah Montana.

The kids and I packed their mini-suitcases this afternoon. Gavin wanted to pack all 3 pairs of slippers that he owns, "just in case one gets dirty". Francesca was only concerned about packing her bikini.

Of course we will miss them, we always do when they go away. After the first night we say it's too quiet. When they come back, screaming and screeching, we ask what happened to the silence. Oh well. My little travelers are off again. No funny stuff for the next 2 days, unless reported by my mom.

100th day...

Francesca's kindergarten class is having their "100th day of kindergarten" celebration the week they return from winter break. So she came home with a notice telling us that she needs to bring in 100 "somethings" as an assignment. Saturday morning we decided to take a walk on the beach and pick up (hopefully) 100 small rocks from the beach. We set out to drive to Rye Beach, 10 minutes away, to collect our "somethings", as Francesca called it.

We get to Oakland Beach and all the beach entrances are locked for the season so we walked along the boardwalk to Playland Beach, where we were able to access the beach. The kids started running around, picking up pebbles. After about 5 minutes we had 2 freezing kids and maybe only 20 pebbles. Both Francesca and Gavin start to whine and almost cry about how cold they were, how they stepped in a puddle, how they want to go.....Well we are not giving up, we are finding those 100 pebbles!! So we persevere, picking up pebbles left and right while trying not to freeze. Finally Francesca gives up - "I don't care, I want to go home, I want a hot dog!" We retreat to the boardwalk, leaving Scott and Gavin to pick up a few more before quitting themselves. Thankfully, after counting our bags we found that Francesca and I had 48; Scott and Gavin had 52 -- 100 even!!! Now we have to wash them and find some way to mount them...Ugh, how many more years of projects do we have before she goes to college????

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Germs in the House!!!

Ugh, sorry readers! The LaDore household has been one big petri dish full of germs so I haven't been able to blog in a while. First Gavin came down with a headache, fever and the throwing up bug, then 1 night later Francesca got it. Boy were they pathetic looking. My mom and dad watched them while Scott and I were at work; my mom said she had never seen a more pathetic sight. There they were, asleep on her couch, blankets pulled up to their chins and wet washcloths on their foreheads. Francesca and Gavin are of the school of thought that a wet washcloth on the forehead does much more for them then a dose of Tylenol would.

Sunday Scott started to feel miserable, which was not good, considering he had to fly to Minneapolis early Monday morning. Then my cold kicked in Monday afternoon, making me one very miserable mommy. Thank goodness I had vacation days on Tuesday and today, because after dropping both kids off to their respective schools I came home and went back to bed. To-do list be damned! I need my sleep! Scott comes home tonight. The kids are very excited to be picking him up at the airport, thankfully he is flying into Westchester County Airport which is only 10 minutes away!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Toots, toots and more toots

So toots, farts, whatever you call them, are a hot topic of conversation in our house. Shoot, I could devote a whole blog to Gavin and the noxious odors coming from his butt. We all try to blame our bodily functions on someone else (mostly the cat...poor Picky Picky). Tonight at dinner someone - I won't name names but I will say he was the first one in our family to have the last name LaDore - was entertaining us in a most musical way. Of course he tries to blame it on poor Picky Picky, who just stands there with her head cocked, looking strangely at us. Although, come to think of it, Scott may have instantly anesthetized her and she was rendered immobile. Francesca then comes up with this little gem, which made me and Scott laugh so hard we almost cried:

"Mommy, when we are in gym, coach burps and toots and tries to blame it on us kids. That's really bad Mommy, do you know that?"

Oh my...here I was worrying about the impending demise of her after school program and what I really should be worrying about is the farting gym teacher. I will NEVER be able to look Coach straight in the face ever again. (For those of you Port Chester residents who I know are curious, email me and I will tell you who the percolating PE teacher is)

I'm Bleeding!!!!!

Francesca and Gavin were really tired and cranky last night. We had a long day, first Church @ 8AM, then we played outside, then inside. By the evening they were ready to collapse (and we were ready for them to do so). Francesca DID NOT want to take a bath or a shower so I had to drag her upstairs. Super Bowl kick-off was 1/2 hr. away and Gavin still needed a bath after her. I get her into the bathroom and start to tug off her sweatshirt. She opens her mouth (to yell at me I'm sure) and blood starts dripping out, like Ozzy Osbourne after he bit the head off the bat, or chicken, or whatever it was. Now I start to freak out, as I always do when there is potential injury to one of my children's mouth and/or teeth. So I run her back down the stairs, screaming for Scott to LOOK AT HER MOUTH NOW, I CAN'T LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He calms her down, hands her a paper towel to stop the bleeding and tries to get a good look. I, on the other hand, am walking around in circles screaming OH MY GOD, IT'S HER TEETH. WHERE IS THE DENTIST'S PHONE NUMBER?? WHY ARE WE SO CURSED ON SUPER BOWL SUNDAY???? (2 years ago Gavin jumped off my mom's coffee table on Super Bowl Sunday, knocking his elbow out of the socket. We spent the second half of the game in the Stamford Hospital ER, waiting for xrays after I couldn't pop it back into the socket). Finally, Scott gets a good look and confirms it is definitely out. I now start shaking and Francesca is getting more and more hysterical herself. Wait a minute....Scott?? Top or bottom?? Top, he says.

Oops, I say. The top ones are baby teeth. It's the bottom middle 4 that are permanent ones already. I start to breathe again, tell Francesca the tooth fairy is coming tonight, and go upstairs to look for the tooth. Scott shoots me a look that makes me wonder if divorce papers will be coming my way come Monday morning. Well, it's the twisted tooth that fell out. Francesca fell out of a highchair when she was 18 months old and hit her mouth. That tooth has been slightly crooked ever since. I am actually happy to see that one go! All's well that ends well.

Later, after the kids had fallen asleep, Scott and I were watching the Super Bowl. All of a sudden he starts laughing. When I asked him what was so funny, he said "Geez, all that screaming you did. To think, you are a pediatric triage nurse. If your boss saw you carrying on like that, she wouldn't let you near a telephone and a frantic mother!"

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Playland Ice Casino

So yesterday I had to work until 2. Scott, being the great dad that he is, took the kids for haircuts, to Wendy's for lunch, and for a ride to the beach and boardwalk at Playland in Rye. They mucked through the mud in the Reed Sanctuary, saw a few dead crabs (EWWW Yuck said Francesca) and then decided to wander into the Playland Ice Casino, as our local ice rink is formally known. Playland Ice rink used to be the practice ice for the NY Rangers - not sure if it still is - and is currently home ice to the Manhattanville something-or-others. It is also the place where Scott and I, as teenagers, went for "Friday Night Party Night" - although not together. You paid your money, got some icky, moldy skates and held on to your friends for dear life as you slowly manuevered around the main rink. There was always that group of boys who skated like they came out of the womb with hockey skates on. They kicked up ice in your face as they skated by. Then maybe while the Zamboni was resurfacing the ice, we would get some soggy french fries and a Coke and ogle the cute boys. In Scott's case he ogled the cute girls; wonder if I was one of those he ogled way back when????

All of these memories came flooding back to me when the kids told me that Daddy took them to the rink and "he said we can go skating this afternoon". Great, Scott. I can barely walk on solid ground without tripping and the last time I was on ice skates was over 10 years ago. But they wanted to ice skate, so ice skate we did. We got the skates, laced them up, and proceeded to the kiddie rink. I prayed that I would not fall flat on my butt the minute I got out on the ice. Francesca and Gavin both hugged the wall for most of their time on the ice but had a blast. I did not fall once! Amazing. The best part was that our family field trip did not end with a trip to the emergency room, as I feared it may. Although there was one scary moment when Francesca fell, got up and said she couldn't move her arm. I thought, oh no, she popped her elbow out again (that was a monthly occurence when she was 2); but she wiggled her fingers, slapped me five and headed back out for more skating. Definitely a fun way to spend a couple of hours. We are all a little sore this morning and the LaDore children have a few bruises but it is something we will absolutely do again.

Hey Shithead!

...is what I said when someone almost rear-ended me as I was backing out of a parking spot at Gavin's school. Not the best thing for me to say with my 4 year old in the car. Oh yeah, did I mention Gavin attends a CATHOLIC NURSERY SCHOOL?? Really not a good thing to say. So about 30 seconds later I hear "HEY SHITHEAD" from the backseat. Oops....

"Gavin, that is not a nice thing to say. Mommy made a huge mistake, mommy will never say that again and neither should you."

"What, mommy? Shithead?? Why did you say 'Hey Shithead'? What did that person do?"

So I tried to explain that the person driving the other car was not watching and was being impatient. They almost hit our car and mommy got mad. But mommy should not have said a bad word.

"Shithead, mommy? That word, shithead, shithead, shithead??? Well, mommy, that man was not watching. He was being a real shithead!"

OK, Gavin, gotcha. Why why why when my children inadvertantly use a bad word do they ALWAYS use it in the right context???? So there we are, now driving down 95 South through Stamford and Greenwich to get home. I get cut off by a truck trying to switch lanes. I fume, but don't say anything. I will not, will not, will not swear. But from the backseat I hear my precious Gavin:


Friday, February 1, 2008

Girlfriends and Boyfriends

Every couple of days, Francesa comes home and tells me that she has been, yet again, propositioned on the playground by one of her classmates.

"Mommy, again (child shall remain nameless) asked me to be his girlfriend!!!"

Wow, Francesca, you are one lucky 5 year old, I think. Not even out of kindergarten and the boys are flocking to you already. Well, we knew this was bound to happen. She is blond, blue-eyed, and tall (I suspect someday someone will use the term "willowy" to describe her; we'll see). So every day I ask her, soooooo, did you say yes???

"Ick nooooooo mommy!!! Then I would have to kiss him....yuck. I saw 2 kids kissing on the playground where near the swings. They didn't think anyone saw them, but I did and so did Samantha. It was disgusting."

OK, so I figure that it was two 5th graders or something, you know, with overactive hormones. But oh no, it was two other kindergarteners!!! Yikes, I just told Francesca to keep her lips to herself!

Gavin, not one to be outdone by his sister, tells us on a daily basis how many girlfriends he has. Currently he is up to 6. 3 sets of twins mind you. My little man has 6 girlfriends. Thankfully he is not kissing them out by the swings! When I pick him up we cannot leave until we have said goodbye to EACH AND EVERY girlfriend. Thankfully, since they are all twins, it usually only requires 3 stops around the school - each twin is always in very close proximity to their sister. 2 of the 3 sets are in his class. They usually wave goodbye, smile and say "Bye, Gavey....." 6 girlfriends...only my son.