Friday, February 22, 2008

Snowy snowy snowy

So Scott came home and away we went, in search of a good hill to sled down. The kids were all bundled up in their snow pants and warm coats, mittens, hats. I stupidly went out in sweatpants, yeah, like that would keep me real warm. We drove to Crawford Park in search of a hill. Crawford Park is where I wrecked my sled careening off a giant hill in the 7th grade. We avoided that hill today, although there were a ton of kids there, waiting in A LINE to fly down it. We drove on to a less bumpy, but still hilly, part of the park and found a pristine, clean hill. The kids were so excited to get out in the snow and use their flying saucer-like sleds. Scott and I pushed them a few times, making a nice flat track in the snow for them. Then we decided that it needed to be flatter so that they would fly down the hill. So we hopped on the sleds and pushed each other a few times. The things we do for our kids...not that it wasn't fun of course!! After about an hour of snowy faces, snow angels and repeated shouts by Gavin of "I CAN'T WALK UP THIS HILL" we decided it was time to leave. Big Guy (Gavin) was not happy. But we promised that maybe we'd come back to our hill tomorrow for some more fun.

We left Crawford Park tired and damp (no, more like soaked), and hungry. So instead of getting a pizza to go, we went to P&D Pizza (a local favorite pizza place) and hunkered up to the bar. Scott and I hunkered, the kids more or less had to scale the tall bar stools. Scott had a beer, I had a soda, and the kids opted for milk (Gav) and hot chocolate (Francesca). After we were all content with our pizza (regular for them, Sicilian for us) we dried off, enjoyed our pizza and swapped snowy stories with the pizza guys. One pizza guy, Pete, even commented how Francesca reminded him of his 3 daughters when they were younger. She was whining at that exact moment; Pete told us it actually gets worse as they get older. Great. Thanks for ruining what's left of my day Pete...

It was a nice snowy day. I love that we live in the same town that we both grew up in. I remember going to Crawford Park with my Uncle Tommy to go sleigh-riding, and going to P&D with my dad, sitting up on the bar stools myself. I hope that Scott and I can continue to make great memories with our children. No matter how old you are, sledding always makes you feel like a kid!

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