Friday, February 1, 2008

Girlfriends and Boyfriends

Every couple of days, Francesa comes home and tells me that she has been, yet again, propositioned on the playground by one of her classmates.

"Mommy, again (child shall remain nameless) asked me to be his girlfriend!!!"

Wow, Francesca, you are one lucky 5 year old, I think. Not even out of kindergarten and the boys are flocking to you already. Well, we knew this was bound to happen. She is blond, blue-eyed, and tall (I suspect someday someone will use the term "willowy" to describe her; we'll see). So every day I ask her, soooooo, did you say yes???

"Ick nooooooo mommy!!! Then I would have to kiss him....yuck. I saw 2 kids kissing on the playground where near the swings. They didn't think anyone saw them, but I did and so did Samantha. It was disgusting."

OK, so I figure that it was two 5th graders or something, you know, with overactive hormones. But oh no, it was two other kindergarteners!!! Yikes, I just told Francesca to keep her lips to herself!

Gavin, not one to be outdone by his sister, tells us on a daily basis how many girlfriends he has. Currently he is up to 6. 3 sets of twins mind you. My little man has 6 girlfriends. Thankfully he is not kissing them out by the swings! When I pick him up we cannot leave until we have said goodbye to EACH AND EVERY girlfriend. Thankfully, since they are all twins, it usually only requires 3 stops around the school - each twin is always in very close proximity to their sister. 2 of the 3 sets are in his class. They usually wave goodbye, smile and say "Bye, Gavey....." 6 girlfriends...only my son.

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