Thursday, January 31, 2008

My little Daisy

Monday night, Francesca had her "official" investiture ceremony for Girl Scouts. This means she now can wear her Girl Scout pin and royal-blue Daisy tunic with pride, as she has officially been welcomed in to the Girl Scouting community. The ceremony involved all of the girls holding a Daisy petal (not a real one!), stating a line from the Girl Scout Law and Promise, and walking over a bridge painted with Daisies.

As one of the co-leaders, it was my job to pin them as they came off the bridge. 14 wiggly 5 year olds. They were so funny. The first girl over the bridge stopped, posed and flashed the crowd a big smile. The others were all so different. A few trotted over the bridge, some tentatively crept over the bridge, as if they were worried it might collapse. One or two of them STOMPED over the bridge, as if to tell us they were not happy to be there (although they were all full of smiles). I can't remember what my little Daisy did, although I do know she made it over without tripping.

When we were done with the ceremony it was time for treats. Thank goodness a few of us baked things, because we had at least 50 family members and friends show up! Francesca was very lucky - both of her grandmas brought her flowers, Daisies of course! Ma (my mother) and Grammy (Scott's mother) are sooooo smart, they knew their Francesca would be looking for flowers!! Francesca walked around the room waving her flowers like she was a newly crowned Miss America. By the end of the night I convinced her to share a few stray flowers with some of her friends. I told her that "it was being a sister to every Girl Scout" - and she grumbled "But I don't have a sister!!!" Of course, Big Guy had to butt in "No you have me...and gimme a flower too!" Never to be outdone, that Big Guy...

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