Wednesday, January 9, 2008

When I was a baby....

"When I was a baby..." This is Gavin's new favorite beginning to any sentence. As in:

"When I was a baby I used to go skydiving!"

What??? When you were a baby you used to go skydiving? In what life? That is one of my favorite Gavin-isms. Oh I forgot, he also told us that when he was a baby and he went skydiving, his grammy Carol was with him, also skydiving.

Apparently when Gavin was a baby, he was very into extreme sports - whenever I see skateboarding, skiing, skydiving - even the World's Strongest Man competition - on TV, Gavin assures me that he did that too, "when he was a baby". Wow, Gav, how did I miss that? And what kind of mother was I, missing your World's Strongest Man competition? I never knew that you could drag the car with the 4 teeth you had, when you were a baby!!

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