Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm playing parade!!

Francesca is "playing parade" today, according to my mom. She is with my mom and dad today as there is no kindergarten at her school, due to state testing for the older kids. She is sitting on a kitchen chair in her Snow White costume; smiling, waving and pelting her grandmother with Hershey's kisses, "because that's what princesses in a parade do!" They put on a pretty dress, smile and throw candy at the crowd!!! I so love her imagination.

Gavin crawled into our bed sometime very early this morning. I woke up to him breathing his dragon breath in my face. On the way to school I asked him WHY he felt the need to get into bed with us. He told me that our pillows and blankets were much warmer than his own, his stuffed animals do not keep him all that warm. I love his Gavin logic.

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