Thursday, January 17, 2008

As-Seen-On-TV aka MOMMY WE NEED THIS!!!!

Francesca and Gavin have become quickly addicted/obsessed with the "As-Seen-On-TV" commercials. Almost hourly on the weekends, whether they are watching TV or not, they extole the virtues of whatever new thing they have just watched the commercial for. Francesca has told me how "Mighty Putty" would be perfect for our family - "It will fix the crack in the basement pipe!!" "It will hang pictures easily Mommy - plus no nail holes in the wall!" Another Francesca favorite is the "Rocket Fishing Rod" - this little gem prompted her to draw me a diagram showing how a regular fishing rod may get stuck in the weeds or bushes while trying to catch a fish. But not the Rocket Fishing Rod - it catches "buckets o' fish (that's a Scott term) very quickly and with no snags! She even wrote down the 1-800 number so that I could order it if I wanted.

Gavin's favorites include the "Craft-lite Cutter" so I can cut pictures without accidentally cutting off someone's head, and various stain removers that will make doing laundry "a breeze" (I think Gav thinks he is Billy Mays, the Oxi-clean guy).

But their current absolute favorite is the "Pancake Puff". They have assured me that they cannot live another day without this nifty kitchen gadget. The pancake puff makes little donut-hole looking things that you can dip, drizzle, stuff and then nibble on. Francesca and Gavin have tried (so far unsuccessfully but they are wearing us down) to convince me and Scott that our household will find many uses (DAILY Mommy I swear you'll love it!) for this invention. I am thinking that I may just buy it so that they will stop I admit the brownie puffs dusted with powdered sugar look kind of yummy. I swear this commercial is on at least two or three times an hour after dinner, no matter what kids' channel they are watching.

As always, our children's antics have again amused. I will not worry about their obsession with As-Seen-On-TV...unless Gavin comes down the stairs wearing an awful 80's style sweater, praising "DD7" and "QRB", you know..."Quickly Restores Beauty"

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