Friday, January 18, 2008

Can you smell what I'm cookin'????

Gavin has a great love for his body, especially when he can get it to make noise. Lately we have had to remind him that "fart" is not an acceptable word for a 4 year-old to use, especially while at his Catholic nursery school. So, he "toots"..or he "kills moose" (thanks for that term Grammy Carol). Actually what comes out of him could possibly flatten a large moose or any other animal for that matter.

Anyway, last night Scott and the kids were playing a game while I was teaching my weekly 6th grade religion class (that's a whole other blog!!). Gav "killed a moose" and then said to his dad, "Daddy, I tooted! Did you hear it? Did you smell it?" Scott said no. So Gavin said "OK, let me toot again, this time you can smell it!!!!"

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mrsny530 said...

I have never head "kill a moose" before...where does that terminology come from? I have to say..when I got to th end, I actually laughed out loud.