Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Babe, there's been an accident...but everyone's OK

This happened in March 2007. It's classic Gavin. Our garage doors have not been the same since!

Babe, there's been an accident..but everyone's OK
So these are absolutely the LAST WORDS I wanted to hear come out of my husband's mouth a few weeks ago when I called home to tell him I was leaving work late. After he assured me that him and Gavin, our 3 year old, were fine, he told me Gavin drove the car into the garage...WHAT?????!!!!!!
Scott got out of the car and went around the other side to get Gavin - but Gav was smarter than his daddy. He wiggled out of his car seat, locked the doors and shifted the car (which was off) into neutral. As the car rolled down our long driveway, Scott (trying to be Superman apparently) tried to grab onto the bumper to stop it. Not good enough - Gavin drove the car into our garage doors, totally smashing the barn doors and knocking the left pillar off-kilter. The doors stopped the car from going any further.
Gavin was fine, but scared. Scott was fine, but scared. Francesca, our almost 5 year old, arrived home shortly after this all happened and couldn't believe her eyes! Well, Gav told me that "DADDY BROKE THE DOOR"...he's learning young; don't admit to a thing.
You just can't make this stuff up.

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