Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I forgot the video!


Here you go!

Gavin doing "The Dougie"

Gav told us last night that he can "do the dougie".  Really, we said.  I cannot WAIT to see this I thought.  We were on our way home from Carvel, enjoying our slightly overpriced ice cream (geez I really really miss Baskin Robbins on Greenwich Ave and Purchase Street).  As soon as we got out of the car Gav starts hopping around all over our front lawn yelling "film me, put this on You Tube".  He managed to Dougie once or twice before losing his balance and falling on the grass.  Of course Francesca had to put her two cents in and we all know she has no coordination - insert "yeah she's just like her mother" comment from Scott here - so she gave it a shot before falling miserably to the ground. 

Scott then proceeds to tell the kids that he knows someone named Dougie...or would that be Doogie...not sure how he spells it...and the kids now are convinced this guy from PC has a dance named after him!  No, we tell them, he was Doogie before there was a "Dougie" dance.  Anyway, Francesca and Gav are now on a quest to meet Doogie and spent the ride home asking us where they could find him.  Not sure I said, but I'll keep my eyes open...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday night Checka and I went to see the PCHS production of "A Chorus Line".  She loved it.  Her childrens' choir director, Kim, was in it and Francesca was really excited to see her perform.  The kids did a great job.  Francesca loved the music and the songs.  She was really curious about the fact that there was some swearing in the play.

"Mommy, do you think their moms and dads get upset when they hear their children use bad words on stage?  If I was an actress would you let me swear onstage?"

ME:  Well, Checka, those kids are ACTING.  They are playing a PART.  They are just PRETENDING. 
(OMG was I doing a Chandler Bing from "Friends" impression?  Why was I emphasizing all these words??)
I am sure their moms and dads understand that they are acting.  It's OK. Yes, if you were an actress and your part called for a bad word, I guess I would be OK with it because you would just be acting.

"So Mommy, if I was in that play, you would be OK if I said the word "tits"?  The blond girl on stage said that word and I think it may be a swear word."

Why, why, why does she ask me these questions?  I really had no response for that other than to sigh and tell her to fasten her seatbelt, we were headed home.

Yesterday Francesca had her first tennis class and Gavin had his first baseball game playing in the rookie league.  I had to work, so I missed tennis class.  Baseball was at Lyons Park.  I am not a huge sports fan, but I do want to be supportive, so I go.  But I brought a book.  I bring a book everywhere.  You never know when you'll have 5 minutes to read.  I clapped and cheered when appropriate but mostly I read my book and tried to decide where to go to dinner. 

I really wanted a good burger for dinner so after mulling it over for a bit, we decided to go to JT Straw's
http://www.jtstraws.com/ in Port Chester.  It's a bar that also has great brick oven pizza and about 10 different kinds of wings.  The drunken calamari was calling my name but I really really wanted a burger so I got a bacon cheeseburger, and it did not disappoint!  We started with onion rings and wings.  The onion rings were really crispy and crunchy.  Scott said the wings were good too.  Scott and I both had bacon cheeseburgers, Francesca had a plain cheese brick oven pizza and Gavin had the steak quesadillas.  Next time I am going to get the clams casino pizza, just because it sounds good.  Not sure I'd take the kids there anytime after 7 or so, because the bar crowd may be hopping, but it's perfect around 5:30 when there is only a few people there. 

Today we just hung around at home and got some things done.  Francesca has ELA testing this week at school so we wanted to make sure the kids went to bed early tonight so she would start the week off fresh!  Busy week ahead - Scouts, religion, baseball, Communion practice, Communion, the party and then Mother's Day! 

Friday, April 29, 2011

Where have I been?

I have got to stop these months-long blog hiatuses!  Everytime the kids do or say something funny, Scott says "babe that is SO blog-worthy" and I say yep and keep going.  Living with Francesca and Gavin is like having 2 short, young comedians giving me my very own comedic performance for FREE! It's all comedy, all the time.  Well, almost all the time.  Sometimes the Drama Mama takes over and Francesca is a moody, grumpy just-about-9 year old.  Gav flares his nostrils and tries to be angry but it just makes me and Scott laugh. 

It's Spring around here and that means spring sports, lots of ice pops at Palateria Fernandez, grilling outside for dinner and an itchy-scratchy Francesca (who has to basically do shots of Zyrtec so she doesn't itch her way through the spring and summer).  Gavin is making his Communion 1 week from tomorrow, Francesca turns 9 two days later, Scott is traveling to DC for a few days and I am looking forward to having a minute to just take a breath!  May and June are hectic, but it also means some of the extra activites are coming to an end - Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts, PTO, CCD.  We can enjoy the weather and the extra time to just chill.

I noticed when I logged in that I now have FOUR FOLLOWERS!  Wow I picked one up somewhere...gotta go thank that person.  I've said it before but I will say it again - I am going to try to blog more regularly.  Hey if I can post just about everything the kids do to Facebook, I should be able to blog about it, right?  I just went back and read the last few posts and realized that I posted about Gav's fish from Christmas 2009.  Well here's an update - we are down to just 1.  Gav has now taken all these fishy deaths in stride.  Even when we came home from Cub Scout camping one weekend and found one of the fish half-eaten and fuzzy (not sure what happened there) Gav did not blink an eyelash.  Later that night another one of the fish died - "flush him Daddy".  We just have Sam the fish now.  Plus Picky-Picky and Toots, the fat cats.  Gav would like to get a gerbil though - or a "grrrr-bull" as he calls it.  That's doubtful.  Picky would eat a gerbil for a snack.

Let's see how long it takes me to write a new blog post and spruce up this blog.  Scott, bets?  Anyone?  How about one of those four  followers?  Eh.  See you soon.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome 2011!!!

Welcome to 2011!  2010 was not a bad year, I expect 2011 to be pretty good as well.  We had a wonderful Fall season and Christmas holiday.  The kids went back to school after a week off - phew, it was time for them to go back.  I can always tell - they get very snarky towards each other, and the loving behavior they show towards each other around the holidays goes out the window!  Our family was lucky enough to spend New Year's Eve with 7 other families that we are close with - we all have kids at the same elementary school and most in the same grade as Francesca.  We rented the local Knights of Columbus party room and had dinner, drinks, snacks, games, movies and fun fun fun!  It was great because we were all local, no one needed a babysitter, no one had to go out for a pricey evening and our kids were thrilled to spend 6 hours with their friends.

Today I started the "Bible in 90 Days" challenge over at Mom's Toolbox - http://www.momstoolbox.com/  - with Amy and over 700 other readers.  I actually read through the B90Days Bible for the first time this summer and was thrilled to finish it in October.  This time I am reading it again and am a mentor for one of the groups of women who have chosen to read as well.  I am looking forward to encouraging my group over the next 3 months and getting to know them better.

Well, my lunch hour is almost over and I need to finish my reading and email a friend!  Will post NYE pics soon!