Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday night Checka and I went to see the PCHS production of "A Chorus Line".  She loved it.  Her childrens' choir director, Kim, was in it and Francesca was really excited to see her perform.  The kids did a great job.  Francesca loved the music and the songs.  She was really curious about the fact that there was some swearing in the play.

"Mommy, do you think their moms and dads get upset when they hear their children use bad words on stage?  If I was an actress would you let me swear onstage?"

ME:  Well, Checka, those kids are ACTING.  They are playing a PART.  They are just PRETENDING. 
(OMG was I doing a Chandler Bing from "Friends" impression?  Why was I emphasizing all these words??)
I am sure their moms and dads understand that they are acting.  It's OK. Yes, if you were an actress and your part called for a bad word, I guess I would be OK with it because you would just be acting.

"So Mommy, if I was in that play, you would be OK if I said the word "tits"?  The blond girl on stage said that word and I think it may be a swear word."

Why, why, why does she ask me these questions?  I really had no response for that other than to sigh and tell her to fasten her seatbelt, we were headed home.

Yesterday Francesca had her first tennis class and Gavin had his first baseball game playing in the rookie league.  I had to work, so I missed tennis class.  Baseball was at Lyons Park.  I am not a huge sports fan, but I do want to be supportive, so I go.  But I brought a book.  I bring a book everywhere.  You never know when you'll have 5 minutes to read.  I clapped and cheered when appropriate but mostly I read my book and tried to decide where to go to dinner. 

I really wanted a good burger for dinner so after mulling it over for a bit, we decided to go to JT Straw's in Port Chester.  It's a bar that also has great brick oven pizza and about 10 different kinds of wings.  The drunken calamari was calling my name but I really really wanted a burger so I got a bacon cheeseburger, and it did not disappoint!  We started with onion rings and wings.  The onion rings were really crispy and crunchy.  Scott said the wings were good too.  Scott and I both had bacon cheeseburgers, Francesca had a plain cheese brick oven pizza and Gavin had the steak quesadillas.  Next time I am going to get the clams casino pizza, just because it sounds good.  Not sure I'd take the kids there anytime after 7 or so, because the bar crowd may be hopping, but it's perfect around 5:30 when there is only a few people there. 

Today we just hung around at home and got some things done.  Francesca has ELA testing this week at school so we wanted to make sure the kids went to bed early tonight so she would start the week off fresh!  Busy week ahead - Scouts, religion, baseball, Communion practice, Communion, the party and then Mother's Day! 

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