Thursday, June 11, 2009

Have you ever heard of this game?

My mind works in funny ways. I have a big mouth (me??? noooo...who are you talking about??). I sometimes say things I should not. Who doesn't? Tuesday I did not feel too good and told Scott I didn't want dinner but when I got home I'd cook for everyone else. Scott, being the great hubby that he is, told me not to bother, that he'd get the kids and pick up dinner. He came home with dinner (and flowers for me - for no reason!) and the kids. They got dinner from a place in PC (which I will not name, to protect the probably-guilty parties). When he told me which waitress was working, I commented "Oh I bet she'll be playing 'hide the sausage' later with ..." I can't tell you the owner's name because then you'll know where I mean if you live in PC. Ha ha. So then Francesca, who was sitting next to me, says

"Hide the sausage! Hide the sausage? Is that a new kid's game that you play? I've never heard of it. How do you play it?"

I almost choked on my food, as did Scott. If looks could kill, I wouldn't be typing right now. We explained to Francesca that it was not a game and Mommy was just talking about something that people who work in restaurants do...umm not the best explanation but whatever. She did not mention it again thankfully. I really have to watch what I say. Those little ears are always listening!!

R.I.P. Fish

If you are a follower of my blog, you'll remember the fish incident we had over Christmas break. Never again will we volunteer to host the class fish over school break as we almost killed the one we were watching. We blame all that on Picky Picky, she likes seafood and was looking for a snack.

Anway, Gavin attended a birthday party last week where the "take-home gift" (goody bag kind of thing) was GOLDFISH. OMG I was really hoping Gavin would not see this but of course he did and had to get on line to get one (or two in our case; guess he smiled real nice at the kid's mom and she gave him an extra). So we go home with 2 little fish in a Ziploc container. Scott was oh-so-thrilled when we got home. Francesca was ecstatic, as were the cats! SNACKS, they said! We kept the fish in the plastic container overnight and went to PETCO in the morning to get them a real home.

We came home with a simple tank, some rocks and a lighthouse for the inside. Mommy put the kibbosh on anything too fancy, "because fish die" I said. Wow was that ever prophetic! Scott assimiliated the fish into their new home and all was well...for the next 6 days that is.

Fast forward to last Friday night. We all come home from work/school and the fish are fine. We went out to dinner and then to Kohl's (Mommy needed a new outfit). Got home, walk upstairs and Gavin goes into his room and turns on the light.


One fish had sunk to the bottom of the tank. Uh-Oh...Scott scoops the fish out, shows it to Gavin and says "Gav it's dead. The fish died".

Oh my I have never seen a more heart-breaking and pathetic scene. Scott explained to Gavin and Francesca that when he was younger he would flush his fish down the toilet when they died. Scott had alot of fish over the years, he's an expert on fish. Gavin literally hit the floor in the bathroom, started to sob and covered his eyes with his hands. Francesca started pacing and crying herself. It took everything we had to say goodbye, flush the fish, get the kids into their pj's and calm them down. We thought that it might be nice to all get into mommy and daddy's bed and snuggle. So there we are, in bed, and Gav says

"Mommy, could you please 'say something' about Fish #1?? We need to pray...'In the name of the Father...' "

Oh my, I almost could not get through the "Fish Eulogy" without laughing. Tears were streaming from my face, and not because I was upset. I talked about how Fish #1 was a faithful pet for the 6 days that we had him/her and that him/her enjoyed swimming in the beautiful tank with his/her friend Fish #2. We finally got them into bed and to sleep. We went to bed. The next morning I was woken up before my alarm went off. Why, you ask?

"DADDY!!! MOMMY!!! It happened again!!! Fish #2 is DEAD!!!!"

More tears. More flushing. Tee ball followed by a trip to PETCO to buy 3 more replacement fish. Scott washed out the tank. Fast-forward to Tuesday. 2 of the replacements went belly-up. Literally. One bigger, stronger (we hope) fish remains. Gav is taking all this fish death in stride. He tells us every morning "The fish is alive! It made it throw the night!!"


Toots is our new kitten. I will post pix but right now I'm at work and have no pictures to post. She is a mini version of Picky-Picky, our 10 year old fat cat. Well she looks fat now next to Toots, who is only 9 weeks old. We went back and forth over what to name this new addition to our family. I liked "Toontses", like the driving cat on Saturday Night Live, and "Pippa". The kids liked Toots, as did Scott. So Toots it is. The first night though, Gav called her "FiFi" because he "did not want to name the cat something that comes out of him every day". I kid you not. But she is Toots now. Toots is very jumpy - she jumps on us, on furniture, on poor Picky-Picky. Gavin is sort of afraid of her; whenever she is around he yells "TOOOOOOTS" and we know he is crounched in a corner or on a table far out of her reach. He also yells "CAT FIGHT" when the two cats start wrestling. It's all good, she is a cute little thing and we love her.

The World According to Gavin

A few mornings ago, Gavin was being a good little boy and washing his face/brushing his teeth, without me or Scott having to covince him to do so. I looked at him and said, "Gavin, how did Mommy and Daddy end up with such a cute blond-haired, blue-eyed boy?" to which he replied

"Well Mommy didn't you just ask God for a blond-haired, blue-eyed boy?"

OMG, so cute he is! I cannot stand the cuteness.

"No Gav, I just asked him for a healthy baby, and we got you".

"Hmmm, Mommy...don't you think you should be able to request what you want? He should take requests."

The Gospel According to Gavin :)

I am a sucky blogger!

Enough of the apologies on my part, I just need to blog more consistently. Funny things have happened at the LaDore house, many in the past week, and Scott shoots me a look and says "That's blog-worthy"...yeah yeah yeah. So again, my apologies, those who actually read my blog (don't think it's many of you) and here goes...