Thursday, June 11, 2009


Toots is our new kitten. I will post pix but right now I'm at work and have no pictures to post. She is a mini version of Picky-Picky, our 10 year old fat cat. Well she looks fat now next to Toots, who is only 9 weeks old. We went back and forth over what to name this new addition to our family. I liked "Toontses", like the driving cat on Saturday Night Live, and "Pippa". The kids liked Toots, as did Scott. So Toots it is. The first night though, Gav called her "FiFi" because he "did not want to name the cat something that comes out of him every day". I kid you not. But she is Toots now. Toots is very jumpy - she jumps on us, on furniture, on poor Picky-Picky. Gavin is sort of afraid of her; whenever she is around he yells "TOOOOOOTS" and we know he is crounched in a corner or on a table far out of her reach. He also yells "CAT FIGHT" when the two cats start wrestling. It's all good, she is a cute little thing and we love her.

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