Friday, October 24, 2008

Gavin Gavin Gavin

Every day I ask Gav what happened or what he learned at school today. His new thing is to tap one ear and then the other. At first, I thought it meant "stop talking Mommy and listen to me". Oh no...Far from that. He told me that it means "the things I learn go in one ear and out the I can't tell you what I learned. It slipped out already." Okayyyyyyyyyyy, one guess where he got that little gem. He can thank his father for that one. I told him last night that maybe if he puts his hand over one of his ears things won't slip out.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Goings-On with the LaDore's

Hmmm...what have we been doing? Well on Oct. 11th we went to the Danbury Railway Museum for the Pumpkin Patch Train ride. That was fun. The kids wore their costumes and got to pick free pumpkins in a pumpkin patch. They loved the train museum and could have spent hours there. Then we went for lunch and headed home. It was a nice, sunny fun-family day!

This past Sunday we took the kids to the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan. Francesca is very into the following science-related subjects - the weather, the solar system, hurricanes and tarantulas, so we thought this museum would be fun. Gavin is interested in dinosaurs and fish so there were things for him too! We started out in the Hayden Planetarium space show, which was loud (according to Gavin) but very neat (Francesca). From there we walked through the exhibit of the solar system and then had lunch. Gavin impressed some lady at the salad bar by requesting cucumbers, shredded carrots, broccoli and grilled chicken. She remarked that she had never seen a kid ask for veggies before. Aha I thought, you have never hung with the LaDore's!!

After we finished lunch we headed to the 4th floor and worked our way down. The kids hung in there. A few times Gavin complained he was tired, but once he found exhibits that interested him, his "exhaustion" quickly faded. They both seemed to enjoy the Native American peoples exhibit, especially after I told them that Pa's (my dad is Pa) grandmother was a Native Sioux Indian, which makes me and the kids a little part Indian ourselves. And yes, Francesca, she DID have the long braids! Francesca also liked the South American peoples display; she is all into Machu Piccu and the ancient ruins lately, so she loved seeing the replicas. Of course both kids were very amused to see the people wearing loin cloths or no clothing at all - "Look Mommy I see his willie! And her boobies! Why don't they have clothes on? They should cover their willies!!!" WHY OH WHY are my children so fascinated with genitalia? Francesca even pointed out the baboon's protruding body appendage. I know these museums strive for accuracy but could they maybe just turn the animal/people ever so slightly so as to hide the willies????

I am proud to say that we walked all 4 floors of the museum. We were all very tired last night. But we had fun. Our next city excursion will be to either the Childrens' Museum of Manhattan, the new sports museum or the Intrepid. Scott is away tonight, on business in New Jersey, so I can blog in peace with the kids sleeping. But I must sign off now, because if Miss F starts sleepwalking and finds that I am not in my bed all hell will break loose. I don't want that, seeing as how she has already cried because Daddy is not home tonight. Blah blah I am chopped liver...she forgets that I endured 2 bouts of bedrest, preterm labor and then after all was said and done 2 failed inductions and then a C-section to bring her into this world! But who's complaining???

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm Not Going!

We are going to Disney World next February - YIPPEE!!! It's my parents' 40th anniversary next July and they are celebrating by taking a family trip to Disney! So that's the 2 of them, the 4 of us and my brother Rob and his wife Pam. We are excited. Well, 7 of us are excited. Gavin wants NO PART of this trip. He has character issues...Not his character of course, that is just A-OK. He has issues with Mickey, Minnie and any other big-headed over-sized character. He keeps telling us he's not going. Scott has told him that we will be taking a monorail from our hotel to the Magic Kingdom. We've told him that we may run into 'Lightening McQueen' at the Disney Hollywood Studios and take several different train rides in the different parks. We've talked up the pools, the LEGO store, the GREAT FUN THAT IS DISNEY. It's not working. The other night, out of the blue, we had this conversation:

GAVIN: Mommy, when you are in Florida (note the YOU here), when you go outside and go to the front of the hotel, the lobby, what do they call it, could you do me a favor?

ME: Umm...sure Gav. What do you mean 'when YOU are in Florida'? YOU are coming with us!

GAVIN: Mommy, when you go to the lobby, could you buy a postcard and send it to me?? Because I am staying home.

My son is too much...way way way too much.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The dreaded Flu Shot

Today the kids are off from school. My parents are watching them. My mom brought them up to my office for their flu shot. I told them both last night that they were getting flu shots today, and they both ignored me. Totally ignored me. Pretended that if they didn't react, maybe just maybe I would forget about their flu shots. Ha! As if that would happen. Gavin has asthma and Francesca has had a tiny murmur since birth. They NEED their flu shots.

So they came running over to my triage area, all smiley and happy. Until I said "come on let's go find Nurse Shannon." Noooooooooooooo they screamed. Gav dug his heels into the floor and hung on to my desk and said he was not moving no no no!! So I picked him up, dragged him and Francesca into an exam room and held fast to Gavin while Shannon quickly gave him his shot. You would think that I had just pulled his toenails out one by one with pliers, the way he was screaming. Francesca actually hid under a chair! I got her out too. My whole office knew they were there. How could you not hear them - they were screaming loud enough for people 3 states away to hear! But it's over for another year. Hopefully we will all stay healthy this winter!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Out and About

I went to church this morning (the rest of the family stayed home). Then we went to Chef Central so I could get some baking supplies. On the way home both kids of course started to complain how hungry they were...what else is new?! Scott and I decided to take them to the local Chinese Buffett in White Plains, since we were about 5 minutes away from it at that moment. Francesca was so excited, and said she could not wait to have "orphan cookies". We could not figure out what she meant, until she said it again and we realized she was talking about fortune cookies.

Francesca only will eat fruit, white rice and crispy noodles while there. Gavin truly "gets" the concept of a buffett, and goes for several plates. He had one full of fruit - watermelon, apricots and honeydew. His second plate had sweet and sour chicken (minus the sauce so it was just chicken), rice, boneless spare ribs and a mushroom/pepper/meatball on a stick thing. He ate everything but the pepper. Then he had another plate of the meatball things plus more fruit. And then a little piece of cake. We're not sure where he puts it all sometimes. He fell asleep on the way home. The kids are doing arts and crafts now while Scott and I are folding laundry and doing stuff in the basement.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Busy Saturday

This morning started with our furnace kicking on; Scott and I thought, "hey it's cold but not THAT cold". So he hopped out of bed and turned it off. Not ready for those high heating bills just yet. We had a busy Saturday ahead of us. I had a list. It began with the library. The LaDore's love the library. We never leave the library with less than 10 books. Today we were probably at around 12-15. Makes for one heavy tote bag!

Our next stop was Home Depot. Home Depot, on the first Saturday of the month, does a FREE kids' project workshop. Scott and the kids discovered this last month while wandering through Home Depot. They made mini football goalposts. Today's craft was a wooden firetruck. So the kids grabbed their Home Depot orange aprons (given to them last month at HD) and away we went! Once we got there we realized other people knew about this great find too. But the kids signed in and we found spots at the long table and set to work. Gavin and I were a team, and Scott and Francesca were as well. The kids did pretty good, even doing the hammering on their own (for the most part anyway). The only injury was Daddy's thumb, tapped by Francesca's hammer once or twice. Kids' workshops at Home Depot are such a great thing! Plus they are FREE FREE FREE (readers with young children take note).

After we finished at HD, we headed for Target for Halloween costumes. Francesca decided on a "cute witch" or "pink witch" or something like that, while Gavin chose a Red Power Ranger. Mommy and Daddy did not get costumes. Sniff sniff...

We then did some more errands - quick stop to my parents' house, gas, the ATM, haircuts. Then we went to the Port Chester Rams football game. Scott and I are both graduates of PCHS and we live 3 blocks away from it, so it is fun to go. We ran into our friend Ed while we were there. Gavin and Francesca made a beeline for the concession stand, proclaiming they were STARVING. They had hot dogs, because there is nothing those 2 kids love more than a good ole' dirty water dog. Gavin even asked Scott for more money so he could go up and get himself a snack, BY HIMSELF THANK YOU VERY MUCH. When his sister tried to follow him (or "help Big Guy" as she put it) he turned around, looked at her, pointed and yelled "YOU STAY THERE!!!". We had to laugh, especially when a woman looked at the guy she was with and said "those two sound like an old married couple". We left at halftime, but I think they must have won the game, because we heard lots of beeping horns and that usually signals a win. Haven't heard the beeps in a long, long time...go PC RAMS!!!!

I then headed to the grocery store by myself and Scott and the kids stayed home. Dinner was quick and then Gavin passed out on the couch. Hopefully F will do the same and Scott and I can watch a movie! More stories tomorrow I hope!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Gavin's Morning Musings

Gavin usually gets up right around the time I am getting out of the shower and drying my hair and putting on my makeup. This morning I heard a little knock and then he entered the bathroom. He gave me a big hug and kiss because when I got home from teaching last night they were already asleep.

"Mommy, Daddy did not cook for us last night. He took us to Burger King for dinner. But look! I got a toy in the Kid's Meal. Let me show you. But first I have to go to the bathroom. Mommy, you know what? I am going to sit to peep. Let me tell you why. I want to read the directions to my toy and if I stand to go peep I can't hold the toy and directions because I have to hold my willie so I don't pee all over the walls. That makes Daddy mad. If I sit, I can peep and read the directions."

He sits...

"Actually Mommy since I am sitting I might as well go poop too. Since I am sitting you know..."

Oh my he makes me laugh. But you know what, he thought it through and gave me a good argument why he should sit instead of stand.

Port Chester Day, PCMS Carnival, The Mets

We went to Port Chester Day on Sept. 13. We spent a good part of the day there. The kids were very excited because there were blow-up things for them to jump on like a jumping castle and blow-up obstacle course. The kids went from thing to thing and we stood around holding their shoes. I was kind of bored. But then I discovered zeppoles and I stood around eating zeppoles and holding their shoes. I talked to other parents who were standing around holding their own kids' shoes. Plus we listened to the various musical acts that were playing. Francesca volunteered to go up on stage and sing along with Lou DelBianco, a local childrens' entertainer. A bunch of kids went on stage and sang "Around the World" with Lou. It was cute. Then they did some sand art and we went home. Until it was time for fireworks. Then we returned. Minus Gavin. Gavin is not a fan of fireworks. Gavin opted to stay with my parents. My parents only live a few blocks from Lyons Park where PC Day was being held. But I guess he stayed inside during the fireworks. It was a win-win situation for the LaDore children. Francesca ran around the park that night with some of her friends and had our undivided attention. Gavin stayed with my parents, pretended he was an only child for a few hours, and had their undivided attention.

The next Sunday we went to the Port Chester Middle School carnival. More blow-up jumping things. More games. No zeppoles but they did have pizza fritta, although whoever made it was obviously not a professional because the one I snarfed down at the fireworks display the week before was much better. Anyway...the kids even played Laser Tag inside a dark, blow-up enclosed space. The vest that they had to wear was so big on Gavin we thought he would not be able to stand up if he was knocked down. But he did OK. They played a bunch of games at the carnival too. Francesca chose plastic blow-up instruments and animals as her prizes. Gavin chose yo-yos. 5 of them in fact. He kept going back to the same booth, putting his sunglasses on and smiling at the 8th grade girls. I think they just let him win the game. They thought he was "soooooo cute" and adorable. They all knew him too, because those girls all had me as their religion teacher for 5th and 6th grade CCD class so they remembered Gavin from way-back-when. Gavin loved being the center of attention, especially since there were girls involved.

Last Saturday we went to the second to last baseball game at Shea Stadium. It rained a little but we sat through it. Eventually it stopped, the game started, and we had a fun time. Gavin really got into it, clapping and yelling right along with Scott. I had a bad cold and was miserable. But it was fun to be there, especially since next year the Mets will play at their new stadium, "Citi Field". It was a fun day.

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

I know I've been slacking in the blogging dept.; I keep saying to myself that I need to sit down to blog. I even wrote it in my planner - "blog!" Today 2 people reminded me that I was doing some major blog slacking. My sister-in-law emailed me to say that I was not keeping her up to date with the kids' "goings-on" and then "Anonymous" commented along the same lines - could they both be Joelle? Who knows. At any rate, I'm back and full of stories.

School has been going pretty well. Gavin loves kindergarten. He runs in every morning and half the time doesn't even stop to kiss and hug his daddy. I was off this past Monday and brought the kids to school. Gavin started to run in and only when I yelled "Hey where's my kiss" did he turn around and come back to give me one. Gavin has discovered the joys of buying lunch at school. Francesca will only buy lunch on pizza day (Fridays) and "Brunch for Lunch" days, when they offer French Toast sticks with either sausage, ham or bacon. Gavin is more adventurous and has sampled not only pizza and hamburgers, but the cafeteria delicacy "rotini with meat sauce" - yesterday's lunch - but is not sure why the cafeteria ladies choose to serve green beans with the rotini. He did enjoy the side of Italian bread though.

Gavin comes home full of stories and details about school - who was bad, who was good, who he played with on the playground. His teacher told us at Back to School night that he tells her every morning what is going on in his life since he last saw her the day before. Uh oh, Scott and I thought, we'd better watch what we do and say at home; he's liable to tell her EVERYTHING that goes on at home! Gavin was also lucky enough to be chosen "Singer of the Week" one week by the music teacher. We found this incredibly funny since we can't remember the last time we heard Gavin sing anything. He claims to have sung "Humpty Dumpty" at school.

Francesca likes 1st grade. She just is not as enthusiastic in the mornings. Poor Scott. He has to deal with her and her moods in the mornings. Last week I tried to make the mornings a bit easier. Francesca and I sat down on Sunday night and picked out a week's worth of outfits, based on the Weather Channel's predictions and when she has gym and has to wear sneakers. Everything was examined and tried on, and accesories and shoes were picked. Then we actually wrote it all down on an index card so there was no confusion about what she was wearing on a particular day. The only problem we had was with her socks. She always complains about her socks. "Bumps in my socks" is what she tells her father. This infuriates Scott. Especially when she starts this crap as she is exiting the car in front of school. A few mornings I have called Scott at work to see how drop-off was and he is still exasperated over our daughter's sock issues. Aside from her potential wardrobe malfunctions she is doing fine.

It is nice to have them both at the same school but sometimes I think they don't like sharing the school with each other. Francesca has a year up on Gavin so she thinks she is a bit "cooler". Gavin has an "I-don't-really-care-what-you-think" attitude and ignores his sister on the playground. I picked them up from the after-school program one day and Gavin told me that his sister "tackled" him:

GAVIN: "Mommy, Checka attacked me on the playground. She tried to tackle me and her friend helped! That wasn't nice."

ME: "Francesca, why did you tackle your brother?"

FRANCESCA: "I wanted to say hello to him and he would not say hello to me. I was just holding on to the back of his collar so he would stop and say hi!"

GAVIN: "Mommy, I DID NOT WANT TO TALK TO MY SISTER. I told her to leave me alone and she would not!"

School is good.