Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Busy Saturday

This morning started with our furnace kicking on; Scott and I thought, "hey it's cold but not THAT cold". So he hopped out of bed and turned it off. Not ready for those high heating bills just yet. We had a busy Saturday ahead of us. I had a list. It began with the library. The LaDore's love the library. We never leave the library with less than 10 books. Today we were probably at around 12-15. Makes for one heavy tote bag!

Our next stop was Home Depot. Home Depot, on the first Saturday of the month, does a FREE kids' project workshop. Scott and the kids discovered this last month while wandering through Home Depot. They made mini football goalposts. Today's craft was a wooden firetruck. So the kids grabbed their Home Depot orange aprons (given to them last month at HD) and away we went! Once we got there we realized other people knew about this great find too. But the kids signed in and we found spots at the long table and set to work. Gavin and I were a team, and Scott and Francesca were as well. The kids did pretty good, even doing the hammering on their own (for the most part anyway). The only injury was Daddy's thumb, tapped by Francesca's hammer once or twice. Kids' workshops at Home Depot are such a great thing! Plus they are FREE FREE FREE (readers with young children take note).

After we finished at HD, we headed for Target for Halloween costumes. Francesca decided on a "cute witch" or "pink witch" or something like that, while Gavin chose a Red Power Ranger. Mommy and Daddy did not get costumes. Sniff sniff...

We then did some more errands - quick stop to my parents' house, gas, the ATM, haircuts. Then we went to the Port Chester Rams football game. Scott and I are both graduates of PCHS and we live 3 blocks away from it, so it is fun to go. We ran into our friend Ed while we were there. Gavin and Francesca made a beeline for the concession stand, proclaiming they were STARVING. They had hot dogs, because there is nothing those 2 kids love more than a good ole' dirty water dog. Gavin even asked Scott for more money so he could go up and get himself a snack, BY HIMSELF THANK YOU VERY MUCH. When his sister tried to follow him (or "help Big Guy" as she put it) he turned around, looked at her, pointed and yelled "YOU STAY THERE!!!". We had to laugh, especially when a woman looked at the guy she was with and said "those two sound like an old married couple". We left at halftime, but I think they must have won the game, because we heard lots of beeping horns and that usually signals a win. Haven't heard the beeps in a long, long time...go PC RAMS!!!!

I then headed to the grocery store by myself and Scott and the kids stayed home. Dinner was quick and then Gavin passed out on the couch. Hopefully F will do the same and Scott and I can watch a movie! More stories tomorrow I hope!!

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