Friday, October 3, 2008

Port Chester Day, PCMS Carnival, The Mets

We went to Port Chester Day on Sept. 13. We spent a good part of the day there. The kids were very excited because there were blow-up things for them to jump on like a jumping castle and blow-up obstacle course. The kids went from thing to thing and we stood around holding their shoes. I was kind of bored. But then I discovered zeppoles and I stood around eating zeppoles and holding their shoes. I talked to other parents who were standing around holding their own kids' shoes. Plus we listened to the various musical acts that were playing. Francesca volunteered to go up on stage and sing along with Lou DelBianco, a local childrens' entertainer. A bunch of kids went on stage and sang "Around the World" with Lou. It was cute. Then they did some sand art and we went home. Until it was time for fireworks. Then we returned. Minus Gavin. Gavin is not a fan of fireworks. Gavin opted to stay with my parents. My parents only live a few blocks from Lyons Park where PC Day was being held. But I guess he stayed inside during the fireworks. It was a win-win situation for the LaDore children. Francesca ran around the park that night with some of her friends and had our undivided attention. Gavin stayed with my parents, pretended he was an only child for a few hours, and had their undivided attention.

The next Sunday we went to the Port Chester Middle School carnival. More blow-up jumping things. More games. No zeppoles but they did have pizza fritta, although whoever made it was obviously not a professional because the one I snarfed down at the fireworks display the week before was much better. Anyway...the kids even played Laser Tag inside a dark, blow-up enclosed space. The vest that they had to wear was so big on Gavin we thought he would not be able to stand up if he was knocked down. But he did OK. They played a bunch of games at the carnival too. Francesca chose plastic blow-up instruments and animals as her prizes. Gavin chose yo-yos. 5 of them in fact. He kept going back to the same booth, putting his sunglasses on and smiling at the 8th grade girls. I think they just let him win the game. They thought he was "soooooo cute" and adorable. They all knew him too, because those girls all had me as their religion teacher for 5th and 6th grade CCD class so they remembered Gavin from way-back-when. Gavin loved being the center of attention, especially since there were girls involved.

Last Saturday we went to the second to last baseball game at Shea Stadium. It rained a little but we sat through it. Eventually it stopped, the game started, and we had a fun time. Gavin really got into it, clapping and yelling right along with Scott. I had a bad cold and was miserable. But it was fun to be there, especially since next year the Mets will play at their new stadium, "Citi Field". It was a fun day.

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