Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm Not Going!

We are going to Disney World next February - YIPPEE!!! It's my parents' 40th anniversary next July and they are celebrating by taking a family trip to Disney! So that's the 2 of them, the 4 of us and my brother Rob and his wife Pam. We are excited. Well, 7 of us are excited. Gavin wants NO PART of this trip. He has character issues...Not his character of course, that is just A-OK. He has issues with Mickey, Minnie and any other big-headed over-sized character. He keeps telling us he's not going. Scott has told him that we will be taking a monorail from our hotel to the Magic Kingdom. We've told him that we may run into 'Lightening McQueen' at the Disney Hollywood Studios and take several different train rides in the different parks. We've talked up the pools, the LEGO store, the GREAT FUN THAT IS DISNEY. It's not working. The other night, out of the blue, we had this conversation:

GAVIN: Mommy, when you are in Florida (note the YOU here), when you go outside and go to the front of the hotel, the lobby, what do they call it, could you do me a favor?

ME: Umm...sure Gav. What do you mean 'when YOU are in Florida'? YOU are coming with us!

GAVIN: Mommy, when you go to the lobby, could you buy a postcard and send it to me?? Because I am staying home.

My son is too much...way way way too much.

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