Monday, October 20, 2008

Goings-On with the LaDore's

Hmmm...what have we been doing? Well on Oct. 11th we went to the Danbury Railway Museum for the Pumpkin Patch Train ride. That was fun. The kids wore their costumes and got to pick free pumpkins in a pumpkin patch. They loved the train museum and could have spent hours there. Then we went for lunch and headed home. It was a nice, sunny fun-family day!

This past Sunday we took the kids to the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan. Francesca is very into the following science-related subjects - the weather, the solar system, hurricanes and tarantulas, so we thought this museum would be fun. Gavin is interested in dinosaurs and fish so there were things for him too! We started out in the Hayden Planetarium space show, which was loud (according to Gavin) but very neat (Francesca). From there we walked through the exhibit of the solar system and then had lunch. Gavin impressed some lady at the salad bar by requesting cucumbers, shredded carrots, broccoli and grilled chicken. She remarked that she had never seen a kid ask for veggies before. Aha I thought, you have never hung with the LaDore's!!

After we finished lunch we headed to the 4th floor and worked our way down. The kids hung in there. A few times Gavin complained he was tired, but once he found exhibits that interested him, his "exhaustion" quickly faded. They both seemed to enjoy the Native American peoples exhibit, especially after I told them that Pa's (my dad is Pa) grandmother was a Native Sioux Indian, which makes me and the kids a little part Indian ourselves. And yes, Francesca, she DID have the long braids! Francesca also liked the South American peoples display; she is all into Machu Piccu and the ancient ruins lately, so she loved seeing the replicas. Of course both kids were very amused to see the people wearing loin cloths or no clothing at all - "Look Mommy I see his willie! And her boobies! Why don't they have clothes on? They should cover their willies!!!" WHY OH WHY are my children so fascinated with genitalia? Francesca even pointed out the baboon's protruding body appendage. I know these museums strive for accuracy but could they maybe just turn the animal/people ever so slightly so as to hide the willies????

I am proud to say that we walked all 4 floors of the museum. We were all very tired last night. But we had fun. Our next city excursion will be to either the Childrens' Museum of Manhattan, the new sports museum or the Intrepid. Scott is away tonight, on business in New Jersey, so I can blog in peace with the kids sleeping. But I must sign off now, because if Miss F starts sleepwalking and finds that I am not in my bed all hell will break loose. I don't want that, seeing as how she has already cried because Daddy is not home tonight. Blah blah I am chopped liver...she forgets that I endured 2 bouts of bedrest, preterm labor and then after all was said and done 2 failed inductions and then a C-section to bring her into this world! But who's complaining???

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