Thursday, October 9, 2008

The dreaded Flu Shot

Today the kids are off from school. My parents are watching them. My mom brought them up to my office for their flu shot. I told them both last night that they were getting flu shots today, and they both ignored me. Totally ignored me. Pretended that if they didn't react, maybe just maybe I would forget about their flu shots. Ha! As if that would happen. Gavin has asthma and Francesca has had a tiny murmur since birth. They NEED their flu shots.

So they came running over to my triage area, all smiley and happy. Until I said "come on let's go find Nurse Shannon." Noooooooooooooo they screamed. Gav dug his heels into the floor and hung on to my desk and said he was not moving no no no!! So I picked him up, dragged him and Francesca into an exam room and held fast to Gavin while Shannon quickly gave him his shot. You would think that I had just pulled his toenails out one by one with pliers, the way he was screaming. Francesca actually hid under a chair! I got her out too. My whole office knew they were there. How could you not hear them - they were screaming loud enough for people 3 states away to hear! But it's over for another year. Hopefully we will all stay healthy this winter!

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