Sunday, October 5, 2008

Out and About

I went to church this morning (the rest of the family stayed home). Then we went to Chef Central so I could get some baking supplies. On the way home both kids of course started to complain how hungry they were...what else is new?! Scott and I decided to take them to the local Chinese Buffett in White Plains, since we were about 5 minutes away from it at that moment. Francesca was so excited, and said she could not wait to have "orphan cookies". We could not figure out what she meant, until she said it again and we realized she was talking about fortune cookies.

Francesca only will eat fruit, white rice and crispy noodles while there. Gavin truly "gets" the concept of a buffett, and goes for several plates. He had one full of fruit - watermelon, apricots and honeydew. His second plate had sweet and sour chicken (minus the sauce so it was just chicken), rice, boneless spare ribs and a mushroom/pepper/meatball on a stick thing. He ate everything but the pepper. Then he had another plate of the meatball things plus more fruit. And then a little piece of cake. We're not sure where he puts it all sometimes. He fell asleep on the way home. The kids are doing arts and crafts now while Scott and I are folding laundry and doing stuff in the basement.

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