Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome 2011!!!

Welcome to 2011!  2010 was not a bad year, I expect 2011 to be pretty good as well.  We had a wonderful Fall season and Christmas holiday.  The kids went back to school after a week off - phew, it was time for them to go back.  I can always tell - they get very snarky towards each other, and the loving behavior they show towards each other around the holidays goes out the window!  Our family was lucky enough to spend New Year's Eve with 7 other families that we are close with - we all have kids at the same elementary school and most in the same grade as Francesca.  We rented the local Knights of Columbus party room and had dinner, drinks, snacks, games, movies and fun fun fun!  It was great because we were all local, no one needed a babysitter, no one had to go out for a pricey evening and our kids were thrilled to spend 6 hours with their friends.

Today I started the "Bible in 90 Days" challenge over at Mom's Toolbox -  - with Amy and over 700 other readers.  I actually read through the B90Days Bible for the first time this summer and was thrilled to finish it in October.  This time I am reading it again and am a mentor for one of the groups of women who have chosen to read as well.  I am looking forward to encouraging my group over the next 3 months and getting to know them better.

Well, my lunch hour is almost over and I need to finish my reading and email a friend!  Will post NYE pics soon!

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