Monday, January 14, 2008

High School Musical from the eyes of a 5 year old

Yesterday, my mother in law took Francesca and I to see the Stamford Center for the Arts/Stamford Board of Education production of High School Musical at the Rich Forum in Stamford.
Hundreds of 5-10 year olds, many decked out in their HSM tee shirts or newsboy caps waited expectantly for the doors to open so they could rush up the stairs and get the seats closest to the stage. But we had a plan to get great seats ourselves. You see, Grammy sometimes walks with a cane, which she brought to either aid in her walking or beat pushy 8 year olds out of our way. Grammy is smart - she asked where the elevator was, holding her cane for emphasis. We were ushered in to the "secret back hallway" - shhh, don't tell anyone we let you in here - and at 1:15 promptly whooshed up to the balcony, where we snagged front row seats!
Francesca was so excited - as soon as the curtain went up and the kids started singing she too was bopping along in her seat, doing all the same movements and singing all the songs right along with the performers. I found myself humming along, but no bopping in my seat for me. Francesca's favorite HSM character is Sharpay, or Sharpoodle as I like to call her. Sharpay, as many of you may know, is known for her flashy outfits and haughty attitude. Miss F, as I sometimes call my daughter, was sporting her own flashy accessory that day - her fluffy poodle purse, which was stuffed with her HSM notebook and lip balms. During one of Sharpay's numbers, my own little star-in-the-making grabs her purse, opens it up, and pulls out a PINK FEATHER BOA!!!!! She threw it around her neck and started singing along with Sharpay. What on earth, I asked her...."Mommy, I brought it along just in case I needed it!"
How silly of me, I only carry things like Band-Aids, tissues, fruit snacks and gum in my purse.

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