Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Gavin the stubborn..

Gavin is so very stubborn. He can be a delightful little blond-haired, blue-eyed angel...but then he flips a switch and becomes "The Stubbornator". When he does not want to do something he crosses his arms and starts to "rmmmrmmm"; it sounds like someone gunning a car engine. The Stubbornator made an appearance several times this weekend.

First, while at a birthday party on Sunday. Gav was so excited about this party for his classmate. It was a karate party. Gav anticipated jumping around and yelling "Hi-Ya" alot. Well, before you can do any of that, you need to bow to the Sensei and the room. Not for Gavin - he was not bowing. No way, no how. So he crossed his arms, starting to grumble and stood fast at the entrance to the karate room. Scott tried to reason with him, telling him he would have to just sit and watch the whole time if he did not bow. That didn't work. So for 20 minutes Scott and Gavin went back and forth, Scott trying to get him to bow (even bowing himself) and Gavin flat-out refusing. Finally the birthday boy's mom picked Gavin up, bent him in half at the entrance to the room and tossed him into the birthday crowd. Later, after everyone (including Gavin) had bowed and left the room for pizza and cake, Gav decided he had to use the bathroom. This simple task would actually require 2 BOWS, because, you see, he would have to enter, cross and then exit the karate room in order to get to the bathroom. WAIT, I was wrong, it would be 4 BOWS!!!! You have to bow while entering and then before exiting. "Mommy, don't worry. I will hold the pee until I get home." Home was 15-20 minutes away and he had guzzled 2 juice boxes. So stubborn my little man is.

The second appearance of the Stubbornator was while we were making sandwiches last night for today's lunches. We had just told him that he had to take a bath after we finished up in the kitchen. You would have thought that we had told him to go play in traffic or something. "ARRGGHHH MOMMY I DON'T WANT TO TAKE A BATH. I WILL NOT EAT LUNCH TOMORROW. DON'T MAKE ME LUNCH. I WILL NOT EAT." We told him that he needed a bath, otherwise he would be stinky. "NO NO NO I WILL JUST BE STINKY. NO BATH. NO EATING LUNCH." Not sure why he was connecting baths and lunch. At any rate, we eventually got him in the tub, where he proceeded to use all of his sister's "High School Musical" bubble bath (probably out of spite) and splash water all over the floor.

Oh he is stubborn but I do love him so. I handed him his lunchbox this morning and he yelled "I WILL NOT EAT LUNCH"...and then laughed his butt off, knowing it would make me crazy...

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