Sunday, February 24, 2008

Little Suzy Homemaker...

Actually, it's Little Gavin Homemaker. Yesterday he told me that he wanted to wash the dishes. WHAT??? I had just done the few dishes from lunch and thought the sink was empty. Apparently Francesca had a glass or two in the living room that she dumped at that moment in my empty, clean sink. So Gav said he wanted to wash them. OK buddy, step right up! Actually, drag that chair right up. So wash he did. I was so shocked I called Scott in to see what Gav was doing.

Fast forward to Sunday morning, as I sit here blogging. Gavin grabbed my empty water glass and washed it. Then, Scott calls me up from the basement but tells me to shhh and not say anything. There is Gavin, perched on a chair, scrubbing my sink!!! YES!!!! I told him that the bathroom needs to be cleaned, if he had nothing better to do...."OK, I'll do it!" Scott had to break it to him that Mommy was joking. I told him that he could come downstairs and play on the computer, but no, he was sitting in front of the sink, waiting for a dirty glass or dish to wash. What aliens have invaded my child's body and where have they taken the real Gavin??? I can hear Gav yelling at his dad that he does not want to get down, he wants to wash!!! Maybe he'd like to dust as well?? Boy this could turn out to be a real productive day if this keeps up!!

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