Sunday, February 3, 2008

Playland Ice Casino

So yesterday I had to work until 2. Scott, being the great dad that he is, took the kids for haircuts, to Wendy's for lunch, and for a ride to the beach and boardwalk at Playland in Rye. They mucked through the mud in the Reed Sanctuary, saw a few dead crabs (EWWW Yuck said Francesca) and then decided to wander into the Playland Ice Casino, as our local ice rink is formally known. Playland Ice rink used to be the practice ice for the NY Rangers - not sure if it still is - and is currently home ice to the Manhattanville something-or-others. It is also the place where Scott and I, as teenagers, went for "Friday Night Party Night" - although not together. You paid your money, got some icky, moldy skates and held on to your friends for dear life as you slowly manuevered around the main rink. There was always that group of boys who skated like they came out of the womb with hockey skates on. They kicked up ice in your face as they skated by. Then maybe while the Zamboni was resurfacing the ice, we would get some soggy french fries and a Coke and ogle the cute boys. In Scott's case he ogled the cute girls; wonder if I was one of those he ogled way back when????

All of these memories came flooding back to me when the kids told me that Daddy took them to the rink and "he said we can go skating this afternoon". Great, Scott. I can barely walk on solid ground without tripping and the last time I was on ice skates was over 10 years ago. But they wanted to ice skate, so ice skate we did. We got the skates, laced them up, and proceeded to the kiddie rink. I prayed that I would not fall flat on my butt the minute I got out on the ice. Francesca and Gavin both hugged the wall for most of their time on the ice but had a blast. I did not fall once! Amazing. The best part was that our family field trip did not end with a trip to the emergency room, as I feared it may. Although there was one scary moment when Francesca fell, got up and said she couldn't move her arm. I thought, oh no, she popped her elbow out again (that was a monthly occurence when she was 2); but she wiggled her fingers, slapped me five and headed back out for more skating. Definitely a fun way to spend a couple of hours. We are all a little sore this morning and the LaDore children have a few bruises but it is something we will absolutely do again.

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