Monday, February 18, 2008

100th day...

Francesca's kindergarten class is having their "100th day of kindergarten" celebration the week they return from winter break. So she came home with a notice telling us that she needs to bring in 100 "somethings" as an assignment. Saturday morning we decided to take a walk on the beach and pick up (hopefully) 100 small rocks from the beach. We set out to drive to Rye Beach, 10 minutes away, to collect our "somethings", as Francesca called it.

We get to Oakland Beach and all the beach entrances are locked for the season so we walked along the boardwalk to Playland Beach, where we were able to access the beach. The kids started running around, picking up pebbles. After about 5 minutes we had 2 freezing kids and maybe only 20 pebbles. Both Francesca and Gavin start to whine and almost cry about how cold they were, how they stepped in a puddle, how they want to go.....Well we are not giving up, we are finding those 100 pebbles!! So we persevere, picking up pebbles left and right while trying not to freeze. Finally Francesca gives up - "I don't care, I want to go home, I want a hot dog!" We retreat to the boardwalk, leaving Scott and Gavin to pick up a few more before quitting themselves. Thankfully, after counting our bags we found that Francesca and I had 48; Scott and Gavin had 52 -- 100 even!!! Now we have to wash them and find some way to mount them...Ugh, how many more years of projects do we have before she goes to college????

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bardoe12 said...

I must say, that story seems a bit different than the one I remember.
I recall someone saying "how about if we go home and find 100 buttons honey" after about 10 minutes.
Anyway, as the girls sat on the boardwalk bench basking in the warm afternoon sun the boys
persevered and gathered the remaining stones (stones sounds better than rocks) on the frigid wind swept beach.