Monday, February 4, 2008

I'm Bleeding!!!!!

Francesca and Gavin were really tired and cranky last night. We had a long day, first Church @ 8AM, then we played outside, then inside. By the evening they were ready to collapse (and we were ready for them to do so). Francesca DID NOT want to take a bath or a shower so I had to drag her upstairs. Super Bowl kick-off was 1/2 hr. away and Gavin still needed a bath after her. I get her into the bathroom and start to tug off her sweatshirt. She opens her mouth (to yell at me I'm sure) and blood starts dripping out, like Ozzy Osbourne after he bit the head off the bat, or chicken, or whatever it was. Now I start to freak out, as I always do when there is potential injury to one of my children's mouth and/or teeth. So I run her back down the stairs, screaming for Scott to LOOK AT HER MOUTH NOW, I CAN'T LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He calms her down, hands her a paper towel to stop the bleeding and tries to get a good look. I, on the other hand, am walking around in circles screaming OH MY GOD, IT'S HER TEETH. WHERE IS THE DENTIST'S PHONE NUMBER?? WHY ARE WE SO CURSED ON SUPER BOWL SUNDAY???? (2 years ago Gavin jumped off my mom's coffee table on Super Bowl Sunday, knocking his elbow out of the socket. We spent the second half of the game in the Stamford Hospital ER, waiting for xrays after I couldn't pop it back into the socket). Finally, Scott gets a good look and confirms it is definitely out. I now start shaking and Francesca is getting more and more hysterical herself. Wait a minute....Scott?? Top or bottom?? Top, he says.

Oops, I say. The top ones are baby teeth. It's the bottom middle 4 that are permanent ones already. I start to breathe again, tell Francesca the tooth fairy is coming tonight, and go upstairs to look for the tooth. Scott shoots me a look that makes me wonder if divorce papers will be coming my way come Monday morning. Well, it's the twisted tooth that fell out. Francesca fell out of a highchair when she was 18 months old and hit her mouth. That tooth has been slightly crooked ever since. I am actually happy to see that one go! All's well that ends well.

Later, after the kids had fallen asleep, Scott and I were watching the Super Bowl. All of a sudden he starts laughing. When I asked him what was so funny, he said "Geez, all that screaming you did. To think, you are a pediatric triage nurse. If your boss saw you carrying on like that, she wouldn't let you near a telephone and a frantic mother!"

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