Friday, February 22, 2008

They're baaaack.....

Francesca and Gavin have returned from their little vaca with Ma and Pa, the house is noisy again. But a good noisy. I came home last night to shouts of "Mommy's home!!!" and big hugs and kisses. They were both exhausted, so after a few DVR'd Power Ranger episodes, teeth brushing and stories, they were in bed. By some stroke of luck they both stayed in their own rooms, in their own beds.

So here I am on this snowy day, typing. Gavin is sitting next to me, asking what a blog is. So I told him it is a story, about him and his sister, that I type on the computer. He keeps hitting the numbers, which I keep erasing. He is telling me that my story needs numbers!

I just asked Gavin to tell me something funny. He showed me a new trick that his grandpa showed him. He holds his hand up, and folds down his index finger at the first knuckle and then says "Mommy, look! I bit my finger off!" and then runs away laughing. This is only funny to me because I remember the several times that Francesca, in her haste to eat french fries, actually did chomp down on her finger, mistaking it for a french fry.

So far I have made hard-boiled eggs, cinnamon muffins and got 2 wiggly kids dressed. I need to do some laundry today too. The roads were too bad to go to work. The kids are hoping that their daddy comes home early from work so that he can take them sledding. We will see. Stay warm readers!!

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