Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Germs in the House!!!

Ugh, sorry readers! The LaDore household has been one big petri dish full of germs so I haven't been able to blog in a while. First Gavin came down with a headache, fever and the throwing up bug, then 1 night later Francesca got it. Boy were they pathetic looking. My mom and dad watched them while Scott and I were at work; my mom said she had never seen a more pathetic sight. There they were, asleep on her couch, blankets pulled up to their chins and wet washcloths on their foreheads. Francesca and Gavin are of the school of thought that a wet washcloth on the forehead does much more for them then a dose of Tylenol would.

Sunday Scott started to feel miserable, which was not good, considering he had to fly to Minneapolis early Monday morning. Then my cold kicked in Monday afternoon, making me one very miserable mommy. Thank goodness I had vacation days on Tuesday and today, because after dropping both kids off to their respective schools I came home and went back to bed. To-do list be damned! I need my sleep! Scott comes home tonight. The kids are very excited to be picking him up at the airport, thankfully he is flying into Westchester County Airport which is only 10 minutes away!!

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