Sunday, July 6, 2008

You must HATE ME!!!!

You would think that my daughter is 16, not 6. On July 4th, she was pouting over something, probably because I said NO to her. So she looks at me and says

"YOU, DADDY and MA are being mean to me. You must HATE ME..."

Umm, no Francesca, we love you very much. I said no because whatever it was she wanted to do, it was not the right time to be doing that. I don't even remember what IT was. We eventually got through that crisis and fast-forward to today. F came upstairs to ask me if she could go on the computer. I said no because she had already had 2 10-minute turns on the computer. Of course she did not like what she was hearing, hence this is what I heard...

"Again, Mommy, you must hate me! Hmphhh!"

And she stormed away only to come back 5 minutes later, this time asking somewhat sweetly. The answer was still the same - no.

"Once again Mommy, you said no. And I still think you must hate me! Goodbye! I am asking Daddy!"

This game of hers was getting real old. Real old. I don't think I pulled this crap until I was in middle school at least. I don't know - Mommy if you are reading this please figure out how to leave a comment and tell my readers what an angel I was. And don't lie and say I was a bad child. You know I was not. Anyway...Francesca and Gavin were playing in the sandbox this afternoon and she was complaining (again) that he had too much of the sandbox. I decided to make it fair and draw a line down the middle. She said I gave him just a little bit more space, and, you guessed it, accused me of "hating her" and giving Big Guy too much sand. I cannot even believe this child sometimes, I am not sure where she gets it from.

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AUNTY said...

You think 6 years old is bad? Wait for the attitide at 12!