Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The (mis)adventures of camp

So there are some new faces at Gavin's school/camp. A few girls, which of course pleases Gav to no end. But a few boys too. One in particular. I won't name names (to protect the guilty party). He is about two times the size of Gavin, and at least 1 year younger. I admit Gavin is on the teeny tiny size but this kid is HUGE. According to Gavin, this kid has a pushing and biting and shoving problem. It seems he has a problem with everything...well except eating, he has NO PROBLEM doing that. The other day Gav could not wait to tell me what this kid (we'll call him CHUNK) did.

"Mommy!! You are not going to believe what happened! CHUNK thought Ethan's nose was something to EAT! So he reached out and bit it!! It was so red. He thought it was a snack! But it wasn't! It was his nose! He got a time out and he was bad."

Oh boy. I told Gav to stay away, CHUNK might think Gav's arms would be tasty to snack on. Every day, Gav can't wait to get in the car and tell me what happened with CHUNK today. Those poor nuns. They have at least 2 more years of him. Gavin has 3 more days, 3 too many if you ask him. Gavin has even taken to hiding his snack because he said CHUNK liked what his lunchbox looked like and wanted to know what was in it. Oh boy. Those nuns must be doing alot of praying these days...

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