Sunday, July 13, 2008

Boyfriends, girlfriends and faces being licked

Francesca told her father a few nights ago that a boy at camp "likes her", or at least that is what SHE was told by someone else. This made Scott go even more gray than he already is, and if you know Scott, you know he is gray enough already for not-yet-35. Upon further questioning, Little Miss Blond Hair Blue Eyes mentioned that the purported Romeo is older, perhaps in 3rd grade, and she is not sure of his name. But she will find out. Great. Stay tuned.

Gavin, on the other hand, is ALWAYS looking to expand his harem of "girlfriends". He realizes that once camp is done, he may never see his 3 sets of twins, plus the new "extra one" ever again. No wait, one of the sets of twins has an older sister who is a friend of Francesca's from nursery school. We will continue to see them from time to time. I have to tell him that; he will be relieved. Anyway...Gavin has had his eye on one particular girl from T-Ball and kindergarten registration. He was very excited to see her, of all places, in church last night. They both had to stop and wave and make google eyes at each other at the end of Mass (at least Gavin was googling at her, not sure if she was returning the gesture). He was soooo excited to find out that her family goes to the same church as ours, and immediately informed me that he wants to go to that Mass (Saturday @ 5:30) instead of our usual one, Sunday @ 8. That particular Mass is populated with old ladies, not cute 5 year olds. That made his night, he was smiley from that point on!

This afternoon I was running to meet a friend who is planning her wedding. As I was leaving, I gave the kids, and then Scott, kisses. Gavin was sitting next to Scott and watched intently as I kissed my beloved. Then he turned to us and said:

" and Daddy just licked each other. THAT IS DISGUSTING!"

I tried to explain that I was just giving Daddy a kiss (a quick and relatively chaste one at that) but Gavin would have none of it. He just wrinkled his nose and turned away shaking his head. Good. I hope he feels the same way at 16. Doubt it. Suddenly Mr. Where-do-babies-come from has turned into a little angel. Humpf!

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