Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Francesca is enlightened...

Overheard while driving to the grocery store:

GAVIN: Checka, I fooled Mommy. Buggy is a girl. And she is having a baby! This right here (points to small seam at the back of stuffed animal) is her heiney, and this (points to spot above it) is her cookie. That is where the baby comes out of. Listen, if I squeeze her the baby giggles (makes squeaky giggly noise).

FRANCESCA: What, Big Guy? What do you mean her cookie? MOMMY IS THIS TRUE???? You told me that me and Big Guy came out of your stomach, that the doctor cut you open and took me out. Big Guy too. Who is coming out of the cookie? Babies??

GAVIN: No Checka it's true, Mommy told me. Tell her Mommy.

At this point I have put my head down on the steering wheel and started to hyperventilate. I explain to Francesca that yes, babies can come out "that way" and also try to make it perfectly clear that this IS NOT something we discuss at school or camp, because everyone else's mommy and daddy should have the pleasure of explaining it to them themselves.

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AUNTY said...

quite the advanced children you have there.....