Saturday, March 1, 2008

Weekends at the LaDore's

Francesca is on a ballerina kick, last night she dressed up in an old leotard and ballet slippers and decided to put on a performance for her brother. Gav could have cared less about watching her, but the good brother he is, he sat down and watched. So right as she was about to turn off the lights, she looked at her audience of 1 and said, "OK sir, sit down and please pay attention to the ballerina; and TURN YOUR CELL PHONES OFF!" That just struck me and Scott as funny.

The cat threw up a hairball at 3AM this morning. I know this thanks to Gavin, who apparently heard Picky Picky hacking at that hour. He claims that he told me at 3AM to clean up the cat's mess but I did not. I don't remember hearing this, but then again I don't remember being awake at 3AM either. The final straw for Gavin was when he stepped in the hairball. He started yelling at both the cat and me. It was not a good start to the morning. Oh well, we still have another day and a half before school starts again!

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