Monday, March 24, 2008

The wait is on...

Francesca has a loose tooth, and you would think by all the moaning and complaining she is doing that this was her 1st loose tooth. Ha! It's #6, she has already lost (and grown in) her 4 middle bottom teeth. One of my previous posts was about the snaggle tooth she lost and now its' mate is ready to depart her mouth. We have been on "ToothWatch '08" since last Friday when she called me at work to tell me that she bit into a bagel at my mom's and her tooth hurt. Since then all we've heard is

"Will the chicken nugget I just bit into make my tooth fall out??"

"I just chomped down on a chocolate bunny and it made my tooth hurt. Do you think it will fall out??"

"I can't eat my dinner, it's too hard and my tooth might fall out...Oh but what's for dessert? If it's soft I can eat it..."

If this tooth doesn't fall out pretty damn soon I am going into her room while she is sleeping and giving it a good twist. Gavin has already offered (way too willingly I might add) to punch her in her mouth, in the hopes it will dislodge the tooth. Scott offered to get his pliers and yank it out. Now her big fear is having it fall out during school tomorrow, because then she has to go to the school nurse. Don't know what the problem is there, she LOVED going to the school nurse back at the beginning of the school year; she would sneeze once and tell her teacher she had to go. Francesca (like many other almost 6 year old girls) is PURE DRAMA...I may be totally gray by the time she hits high school, ugh!

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