Monday, March 17, 2008

Striptease in the 4 year old class

Let me just start by saying it was not Gavin. THANK GOD. Cuz' he likes to be naked and show off what God gave him. On the ride home Gavin tells me all the exciting things that happened today at school. Someone broke the toilet, causing the floor to overflow with water, Gavin to slip and land on his butt, necessitating a change in pants. Thank goodness the nuns keep spare clothes at his school. But the real news was what went on at the beginning of rest time:

"Mommy, guess what happened at rest time?!! The girl in front of me pulled up her dress and down her underpants. She showed me her butt!! I did not want to see that, so I yelled NO NO NO!! Then Sister gave her a time-out. It is not good to pull your pants down in front of people."

Yikes! That was some excitement. I am surprised that Gavin was able to sleep after that. But that was not all. Apparently it was "show your stuff" day in his class.

"Mommy, then the boy in back of me pulled his pants down and showed the class his willie! I REALLY did not want to see that!!! That was disgusting! He got a time-out too! I kept my pants up, don't worry."

Boy he could not stop talking about "show and tell" today. According to my husband, Catholic schools certainly have changed these days!

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