Saturday, March 15, 2008

When You are Older

This is a Francesca "oldie-but-goodie" from July 2007. Sorry, they haven't done anything too funny so far this weekend so I thought I would amuse you with this.

So Scott takes Francesca to his office 2 nights ago because he can't find a notebook with client info. that he was supposed to bring home. They find the notebook on his desk, safe and sound. Francesca then asks her daddy what is so important that they had to go back to his office to get it. He tells her - "client information".

"What's that, Daddy?"

"Stuff I will explain to you when you are older", he tells her.

" sex?"

Scott can't believe his ears. What did his precious daughter just say???


"Like sex....when I am older!"

At this point Scott is so flustered he pulls the car over, afraid he might actually crash the car if he hears his daughter utter that word again. "Francesca, tell me again what you said?"

"DADDY!!!! You said it was something you would tell me about when I am older....Like SIX! SIX YEARS OLD!!! What did you think I said?"

Oops.....said Scott.

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