Friday, March 7, 2008

Family Movie Night

We just (barely) survived our first "Family Movie Night" at F's school. Ugh...For $10 for the 4 of us, we got to sit on hard metal chairs, or the floor, if we choosed. We watched (really didn't) "Game Plan" with The Rock. With all the kids, including my own, running around and screaming I could not for the life of me tell you one iota of what went on in that movie. Admission got us 4 free small popcorns, which satisfied the kids for about 30 seconds. Then they moved on to the real good snacks, in their opinions. Ring Pops. Twizzlers. Cotton Candy. Hey at least the popcorn was not too bad for them. Plus, they opted for bottled water over soda. You know, for a school that has a "Healthy Eating Initiative" they don't give a crap about nutrition as long as it is after school hours. Oh well, I guess Ring Pops sell alot better than bran muffins. They did have coffee for sale for the parents. I found myself wishing that someone had a bottle of vodka stashed in their purse; a shot or two would have made the evening WAY more bearable. Gavin, once again, was trying to sweet talk the ladies. This time it was the PTO moms. Here's how it went:

"I would like 2 Twizzlers please." (Twizzlers were a dime each)

"Here you go, and here's your change." (He had a quarter.)

"Oh no. Keep the change!" (He's obviously trying to get in good now, knowing once they get to know him next year they'll be calling him the kindergarten's Eddie Haskell.)

Thank goodness we don't have another nighttime school event until April. I think it's BINGO. I'll pack my BINGO markers and pray for no Ring Pops.

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