Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sneaky Francesca

Scott and I were cleaning the basement today (BIG HUGE CHORE, way past overdue). Anyway, I was in shredding and throwing out mode, tossing things left and right. Mom, don't worry, I DID NOT throw anything important out. So we were almost at the end of our cleaning for the day when I find a small handmade "coupon" book hidden under many pieces of paper. Now I know what you may be thinking (or Mom, what YOU may be thinking) - I stuck it in a big pile of stuff and missed it entirely. But NO, this is not the case. This was a coupon book made by Francesca in school around Christmas. It includes coupons for things like cleaning her room, setting the table, sleeping late (that one is almost impossible for us to redeem) and leaving us alone for a few minutes. There is no way that I would ignore something as valuable as that. Either Scott or I check Francesca's backpack or folder every day when she comes home from school so there is no way we missed it. I am betting that she purposely put it in her pocket and hid it in the basement. She's no dummy, why give Mommy and Daddy another reason to ask her to clean her room or set the table?? She probably thought "why do it for free when I could clean my room and then get something in return for being so helpful". Anyway, now that my basement is clean I am sure my living room is a mess since the kids have been playing there all afternoon. I think I need to go redeem a coupon!!!!

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