Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Chatting with Francesca

I was off from work today, as I had to register Big Guy for kindergarten (oh how the time flies). Francesca had a half-day, due to teacher conferences. My mom picked her up so I could get some errands done. On the way to Stamford to pick Gavin up from nursery school we talked about her morning at school and her birthday, coming up on May 9th. All she can talk about is her birthday and how we are going to celebrate it. She would like me to bake a chocolate fudge cake, and perhaps I could bake it in the shape of a princess castle. OK...Next, she asks me how much money Scott and I have saved, because she would like to have Hannah Montana come sing at her birthday party. I told her that no amount of money (that we have, anyway) could bring Hannah Montana to her birthday party.

"Mommy, if you and Daddy go to the bank every day and take out some money, we can have enough to call Hannah Montana and have her sing at my birthday!"

Oh boy...I left it to Scott to explain to her why she was not having Hannah at her birthday.

Francesca also told me that she would like to go to Texas on vacation this summer. OK, why, I ask. What do you know in Texas?? She told me that today in school they read a book on tornadoes. She would like to see a tornado, and the book says they can be found in Texas, Kansas and "middle America". According to Francesca, tornadoes are "big swirly winds" are to her that sounds exciting. Well, again, not happening, my dear. I told her to watch her brother some time. He is his own tornado!

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