Monday, March 3, 2008

As-Seen-On-TV, Part 2

For those of you who know Francesca and Gavin, you know that they are OBSESSED with "As-Seen-On-TV" and all of those lovely products that we can buy on TV. My mom broke down and bought them the "Pancake Puff" for Valentine's Day; boy were they excited. I tried to make Pancake Puffs that weekend but had run out of Bisquick. I had to improvise, and well, mine were not what they saw on TV. Gavin tried a few but Francesca refused to eat them.

"Mommy, those DO NOT look like the Pancake Puffs on TV. Maybe you should have let Daddy make them."

Whatever. The cat had no problem eating them. Scott made them the next weekend and the kids raved about his ability to make a perfect Pancake Puff. Well he was lucky, I had just gone grocery shopping and had a new box of Bisquick.

This morning, as Gavin and I pull into his school parking lot, I realize that my iPod is not in my purse. So as I am rumbling around my big Mary Poppins bag, Gav looks at me with his big blue eyes and says:

"You know, Mommy, if you had the 'Buxton Organizer' you would be able to find your iPod right away. You could even find your cell phone blindfolded. It comes in black, red and tan. Plus, you get a free 'Memory Mate', you talk and it remembers what you say. Milk, bread, eggs...your whole list! Mommy, you really need the 'Buxton Organizer'.

My children are walking advertisements for infomercials. Yesterday Scott used "Mighty Putty" on a crack in the basement. You would have thought it was Christmas, for all the jumping around that was going on in our house. "Mighty Putty" is their favorite As-Seen-On-TV commercial. They are convinced that they can find a use for it everywhere in our house. Gav has already asked me to please tell the Easter Bunny to bring him some.

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