Sunday, April 6, 2008

Weekend at the LaDore's

For the first time in awhile, we had nothing special planned for this weekend. No work for me, no birthday parties, no special events. It was great to just hang around and enjoy the days. Friday night we did have Family Bingo Night at Francesca's school. Talk about chaos! It was loud and tough to hear those bingo numbers being called over the screams of the kids. But we had fun. Gavin even won a basket - the Boy's Toy Basket, which was the exact one he was hoping to win. Francesca did not win a basket, but Gav promised to share a water pistol with her and that made her happy.

Saturday after grocery shopping and a quick trip to Kohl's we decided to go to Rye Town Park and fly kites. Rye Town Park is where Rye and Oakland beaches are, so the kids brought their sand pails and shovels, hoping to dig in the sand as well. Playland is right next to Rye Town Park, so Gav asked if we were also going to "Disneyland Beach"...Playland Beach, Gav, it's Playland Beach. But the wind did not take off too well, so we had a hard time flying the kite. Scott managed to get it in the air a few times, but without any big wind gusts our kite-flying adventure was cut short. After the park, we drove to the Read Sanctuary, which is right past the end of the Playland parking lot. The kids wanted to look for frogs. No frogs, but alot of mud. We had to hose off their Crocs when we got home due to all that mud and their penchant for stepping in it.

Today we went in search of baseball mitts for Tee-ball, which the kids start practice for this week. That in itself should produce MANY funny stories to blog about! We found them both mitts and then headed for lunch with Grammy Carol at the Port Chester Coach Diner. After a lunch of hash and eggs for Francesca and hash and french fries for Gavin we went home and cleaned the house. fun. Back to work and school tomorrow.

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