Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Tomorrow night starts T-Ball. It is the kids' first practice. They got mitts on Sunday and are pretty excited (well we hope they are). Scott is assistant coach or something like that. I will be there after work, mini first aid kit in hand. I better grab a few band-aids from work tomorrow before I leave - you never know who will fall down and skin a knee - although if I had to bet, the initials of the child would be F-A-L. Let's just hope my children don't have my athletic ability - which is slim to none...although for your giggling pleasure, let's run down my illustrious athletic career:

High school softball - made it through 2 practices, was then told by the coach "I would not play you if we were losing 20-1"...I promptly quit and cried to my mom who called the athletic director quicker than you could say strikeout. Coach apologized, I told him I wouldn't play on his team if he was winning 20-1!!!! End of high school career.

Tennis team - can't remember if I actually went out for this or if I am confusing myself with someone else...

College - bored during 3rd year, decided to go out for the crew team...HA!!! Family thought that was hysterical! The oars were bigger than me, plus the idea of Dineen actually working out was mind-boggling. My biggest work out to date was lifting heavy nursing textbooks. Surprised them all, rowed crew for a season. Got the team jacket, buff arms from all that rowing and mom could say that HER DAUGHTER WAS AN NCAA ATHLETE!!!!! (at least for 6 months or so)

I hope Francesca and Gavin enjoy every moment of T-Ball, I will post lots of pictures of 4, 5 and 6 year olds running willy-nilly around Lyons Park...

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